Envision Arts In the Community

Envision Arts In the Community

Keeper on Parade 'PRISM': In Partnership with Cargill Protein

‘PRISM’ is a new addition to the Keeper on Parade series, which is part of the Wichita Chamber of Commerce’ strategic initiative to amplify civic pride and enhance quality of life for all residents in Wichita. This public art sculpture was made by over 30 artists who are blind and visually impaired through Envision's Art Program, Child Development Center, Adult Day Support Program, and students from Heartspring.  

'PRISM’ took more than 80 hours to create, with each individual diamond of the Keeper’s headdress made by a blind or visually impaired artist. Each mosaic element of the sculpture, such as the stocks of wheat, corn, and green pastures, symbolizes Cargill's deep roots in agriculture and is an ode to the landscapes of Kansas. The sculpture is outside Cargill Headquarters, open to the public for viewing. 

The keeper of the plains statue outside Cargill.
Envision your impression on the wall of gallery alley.

Envision Your Impression: In Partnership with Downtown Wichita

Envision Your Impression is an interactive public art sculpture located in downtown Gallery Alley. From agencies and schools working with individuals with disabilities, to those serving our aging population, to agencies committed to improving the health and well-being of our community, 18 community organizations have a piece of artwork in this assembled art piece. Envision Your Impression is an opportunity for people to witness and experience the impact of those around us and the city that we live in. It is a collective impression that creates markers of our city’s identity, the fingerprint of Wichita, Kansas.

When Art and Wine Connect: Liquid Art Winery 

Liquid Art Winery is based in Manhattan, KS. Co-owner of Liquid Art Winery, Dave Tegtmeier, lost his sight for a time due to an incident in 2018. The Tegtmeier family learned about Envision through this incident, and David has since regained some vision due to the amazing advancements in the technology available today. The Tegtmeier's experience with blindness and visual impairment has made them strong advocates for Envision. Now, they have expanded their own personal mission to partner with Envision by adorning three of their wine bottles with artwork labels inspired by art pieces created by artists who are visually impaired through the Envision Arts Program. 

Three wine bottles on a table wrapped in Envision Arts labels.

Wings of Wichita: A Collaboration with Aloft Hotel Wichita 

Wings of Wichita is a mural facing the highway outside the Aloft Wichita hotel. The mural was created by Envision Arts and is full of landmarks and iconic symbols that make up the state of Kansas, such as the Keeper of the Plains, Riverside Rocket, sunflowers, a nod to Pizza Hut's legacy and more. This mural is a product of years of collaboration between Envision Arts and the Aloft Hotel Wichita, which has exhibited over 60 pieces of rotating artwork from the Envision Arts Gallery at any given time.

Touchable Sculptures at Sedgwick County Zoo 

In 1992, the collaboration between Envision and the Sedgwick County Zoo started, with a series of 16 bronze animal sculptures made by local artists and placed throughout the zoo. These sculptures were made with the purpose of providing interactive sensory experiences for visitors who are blind or visually impaired. With braille plaques underneath the sculptures, visitors who have vision loss can not only feel what the animal looks like, but can read more information about each animal exhibit. The series of sculptures turned 50 years old in 2021. 

An elephant statue.
The harvest of the senses painting on the wall.

Harvest of the Senses: In Partnership with Scotch and Sirloin

Harvest of the Senses is a unique, one-of-a-kind, three panel painting created by the Envision Arts Program. It pays homage to the history of wine through the rich textural layerings of materials that depict the topographical regions of Italy, California and Kansas. It is also inspired by the interior landscape of Scotch and Sirloin and is meant to create a multi-sensory fine dining experience for guests, as the painting is tactile and can be felt. 

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A photo of a blind woman making pottery.

About the Envision Arts Gallery 

The Envision Arts Gallery is the premier, national destination for artists and audiences who are blind, visually impaired and/or disabled and is located in downtown Wichita next to the historic Union Station. Its mission is to empower artists with vision loss to exhibit, perform and engage with the Wichita community through its accessible, diverse, and inclusive space for the arts. The gallery has exhibited work specifically from artists who are blind, visually impaired and/or disabled, and has only exhibited artwork from a sighted artist once since its opening in 2021, whose work focused on tactile representations of famous art pieces like the Mona Lisa, Starry Night and more, for people with vision loss to experience.