Fueling our Mission | Envision Xpress
Employee who is blind smiles at the camera as he stands next to products sold at the Xpress store.

Purposeful Procurement

Envision Xpress operates retail stores at military bases across the nation, with contracts through National Industries for the Blind and the AbilityOne Program  to help outfit and support the U.S. military. This partnership with the federal government has provided Envision with a firm foundation.  

But it’s about more than simply providing supply services. Each retail store employs people who are blind or visually impaired, allowing them to gain valuable work experience as well as a sense of independence and meaningful contribution. Each purchase also helps further Envision’s mission to create even more opportunities for people with vision loss.

Envision Xpress is for military and government personnel with valid .gov and .mil email addresses.

Military personnel shopping for products at an on base Xpress store.

Government customers can shop AbilityOne products available in our Wichita and Dallas Product Catalogs. Your purchase helps to create jobs for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Purchase everyday products such as:

  • Can Liner & Bags
  • Medical Bags & Products
  • Printing Products such as Business Cards
  • Markers
  • Binders
  • Safety Apparel 
  • And More!  

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