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Envision Your Impression: Gallery Alley

Envision Your Impression is an interactive public art sculpture that embodies the identity of all people that create the unique character of Wichita. To those who were born and raised in Wichita of all ages, races, and ethnicities, to those that have relocated here to live, work and study and for all who visit Wichita or are just passing through, everyone makes an impression on this place, a place that many of us call home. 

Often, we may not realize the impression we have left or have made on a place or another person throughout our life and this sculpture represents the impact and role we all play in shaping the identity of our community.

From agencies and schools working with individuals with disabilities, to those serving our aging population, to agencies committed to improving the health and well-being of our community, 18 community organizations have a piece of artwork in this assembled art piece.

Envision Your Impression is an opportunity for people to witness and experience the impact of those around us and the city that we live in. It is a collective impression that creates markers of our city’s identity, the fingerprint of Wichita, Kansas.

This project was made possible by the support of GoCreate and Eby Construction Company.

The GoCreate and Eby Construction logos.
A close-up of the thumbprint artwork made up of multiple different artistic lines in Galley Alley in Wichita, Kansas

Our Partnership

Downtown Wichita is a private non-profit corporation that amplifies the energy, capital, and growth of downtown Wichita by empowering residents, visitors, and businesses to explore the possibilities of our city’s core.

Envision and Downtown Wichita have a long-standing partnership. When Gallery Alley in Wichita was established as a permanent public space, Downtown Wichita partnered with Envision and received an additional grant from the Knight Foundation Fund at the Wichita Foundation to further enhance the space by creating a destination for inter-sensory art experiences.

Community Organizations:

A young girl smiling at a table as she puts her hand on a piece of artwork.

Rainbows, Inc.

Rainbows United enhances the lives of children with special needs and their families by bringing together community resources and providing customized services for children from birth to age 21, and their families. 

Learn more here.

“Participating in this inclusive community project with the children and youth of Rainbows helped us feel like we’re part of our city in a bigger way. We can’t wait to take field trips and see our colorful pieces as part of the larger fingerprint. We’re always better together.” – Deb Voth, Interim President.

An older lady sitting at a table painting a piece of a canvas.

ComfortCare Homes

Since 1933, ComfortCare Homes has delivered innovative dementia and Alzheimer's care, raising the standard in long-term residential care across Kansas and the region. 

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The Heartspring logo.


Heartspring is a nonprofit in Wichita, KS that provides services and therapies for children with complex needs and developmental disabilities, offering a residential and day school, pediatric therapies, and autism services.

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“It is a privilege to be included in such a robust array of services that we have in Wichita. We chose mirrored tiles for our largest ridge of the fingerprint, in hopes that we have the empathy to see a little bit of ourselves in the people we serve.”

A piece of artwork with letters glued on top that say "GoCreate"


GoCreate is a premier makerspace open to creators of all ages and experiences, located on Wichita State University's campus.

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"The project was designed by Jalen Keener, a GoCreate staff member with the mission to represent our maker community while using all five GoCreate studios: Metals, Woods, Textiles, Design and 3D printing. Each phase of the project was completed within the facility with several staff and GoCreate members assisting with this unique piece."

A piece of art with words "mistakes make progress"

Arts Center of Harper County

The Arts Center, Inc. is a non-profit community arts center in Harper County, Kansas working to provide arts education and creative opportunities.

Learn more here.

"This project was a great prompt to consider what we bring to the greater Wichita community, especially as a rural partner. For many in our community, we consider Wichita as a place we need. By envisioning our impression we felt really valued in considering that Wichita also needs the gifts and resources of Harper County and other rural places. This is where our Kansas identity is complete — when we all contribute!" - Juliana Whisman                    

The stop suicide ICT logo.

Stop Suicide ICT

StopSuicideICT is a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing suicide prevention education and awareness.

Learn more here.

“Being a part of this project was such an honor for our organization. We are so thankful for the opportunity to leave our notch on the fingerprint that makes up our community. All of the organizations are such a vital part of what makes this community’s growth possible. We can only hope that we also leave our notch on every life we come across and that each of those lives knows that they are as unique and important as the fingerprint.”

Two employees standing together with a piece of artwork, smiling.

ComCare of Sedgwick County

COMCARE of Sedgwick County helps people with mental health and substance abuse needs to improve the quality of their lives, providing a wide array of behavioral health services to adults and children in Sedgwick County.

Learn more here. 

“I did the grass element of the design. It was stimulating and inspirational, and made me feel good to be a part of the project.” -Yolanda Wimbley

“I liked the idea of a piece of art that’s going to be there forever. It was a fun creative experience, and I can’t wait to take my husband and kids to see the unveiling.” -Terina Grossman Pero

“It was nice to be a part of something unique and artistic.” - Stephen Hutton

A young man sitting a table smiling as his artwork piece is in front of him.

Envision P.R.I.D.E

PRIDE, Envision's Adult Day Support program, is designed for adults who are legally blind and have an intellectual developmental disability. Through PRIDE, programs are developed with specialized activities based on a person’s goals and abilities, encouraging self-confidence and growing self-esteem.

Learn more here.

The Raise my head foundation logo.

Raise My Head Foundation

The Raise My Head Foundation provides survivors of sex trafficking a safe residence, healing, employment, empowerment, and hope.

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"Here in Kansas, we draw our inspiration from the sunflower, which lifts its head each day to the warmth of the sun’s rays. Our founder, Vicki Bond has instilled the message that LOVE IS GREATER.  We provide unconditional love to all of our residents by walking alongside side as they heal, restore their voice, recover from their trauma and grow into their new life."

The Wichita Children's home logo.

Wichita Children's Home

The Wichita Children’s Home is a non-profit organization that offers the only emergency, temporary, and residential care for children in Wichita, KS

Learn more here.

“This piece was inspired and created by our kids, which is the heart of our organization. They each made their own unique flower or design to represent themselves and how WCH helps them grow. I’m honored to work with our youth and enjoyed putting their amazing work together.”

a piece of artwork that says "Juniper" on it.

Juniper Arts Academy

Juniper Arts Academy is a nonprofit organization located in Wichita, Kansas that provides quality fine arts education to youth ages 10-18 in the juvenile justice and foster care communities of Kansas.

Learn more here.

“Creating this project was a special opportunity for the Juniper Music Club that meets at EmberHope Youthville. The materials used in this project is "Fur Elise" sheet music, a song that several students are currently learning in their music lessons. This puzzle piece is a representation of the talent that youth in foster care hold, and the artistic gifting of the students. 100% of youth enrolled in this program have little or no access to fine arts education without our services, and we are grateful for this Envision partnership to help expand their access to the arts!"

a young girl smiling at a table as she puts paint on a canvas.

The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass is an arts and education day service program for individuals with cognitive disabilities.

"We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Envision on this project. We believe that art is the vibe that connects us all." - Kristen Wares             

A man standing holding a piece of artwork in front of him and smiling.

Camp Sunflower

Camp Sunflower is a safe and welcoming space that affirms everyone regardless of race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, creed, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Read more here.

The down syndrome society of wichita logo.

Down Syndrome Society of Wichita

The Down Syndrome Society of Wichita provides programs and services that educate, connect, develop and advocate to improve the lives of the Down syndrome community.

Learn more here.

"This was a unique and enjoyable experience working together as an organization, knowing that ultimately, we were working together with many organizations to produce this piece. That is what drives our community: collaboration, innovation and the ability to unite toward an end goal."

The starkey logo.

Starkey Inc.

Starkey nurtures development and promotes independence of people with intellectual disabilities.

Learn more here.

A young lady writing on a piece of wood in sharpie.

Mark Arts

Mark Arts is a vibrant arts hub in Wichita that provides opportunities to create and appreciate art in an atmosphere of lifelong learning.

Learn more here.

“Mark Arts is thrilled to partner with Envision and Downtown Wichita in the creation of the Envision Your Impression art installation. Mark Arts takes immense pride in contributing to a vibrant and inclusive community that champions and celebrates the power of art." - Katy Dorrah, Mark Arts CEO