Parent & Family Support Groups | Envision
Boy who is visually impaired enjoys his time bowling with a DG mentor while his parents are at the Family Support Group.

Shared Experiences. Shared Growth.

We bring together parents, families and caregivers who are sighted or visually impaired for shared experiences, information, resources, training, and emotional support. Provided in conjunction with a youth activity, families can attend and fully engage in the program without needing to find care for their child. United in purpose, parents and families gain a degree of hope for their child’s future and confidence in themselves to support their child’s journey.

Benefits of joining a parents and family program:

  • Understand more about your BVI child
  • Gain information and implications about blindness
  • Learn strategies and techniques for your child’s positive development
  • Interact with other parents for shared experiences and emotional support
  • Learn to foster the development of healthy attitudes and feelings toward blindness, self, and others