A Skilled Team

Through a culture of support and a pledge to offer rewarding employment opportunities, everyone who comes through Envision Dallas’ doors gain skills to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Envision Dallas employees are dedicated to their jobs and have a commitment to excellence that is unmatched in the industry. And our federal, military and commercial customers receive quality products at competitive prices that support job creation for individuals with vision loss.


As part of Envision, Inc., Envision Dallas is proud to be one of the largest employers of people who are blind or visually impaired in the United States. Our manufacturing operations not only create jobs that put people with vision loss in charge of their own careers, they also provide a steady stream of income to support our not-for-profit mission.

Today, Envision Dallas continues to reach milestones in the production of:
Writing instruments (markers and highlighters)
Military award binders
Eyeglass cases


Envision Dallas is a National Industries for the Blind-associated agency that participates in Work Wonders (Texas state use program) and manufactures/sells SKILCRAFT* products to the federal government through the AbilityOne program, the largest source of employment opportunities for people who are blind or have a significant disability.

Work Quest is an organization contracted by the Texas Workforce Commission to administer the day-to-day operations of the Work Wonders state use program. In 1993, we established a partnership with Work Quest to supply highlighters, permanent markers and dry erase markers to various state entities.

We also offer a variety of safety apparel and gear for the Texas Department of Transportation through Work Quest, including fluorescent and reflective vests, shirts, safety signs, hard hats and more.

Our comprehensive textile manufacturing can work with a range of fabrics, including canvas, synthetics, poly mesh and fire retardant materials. We also have the capability to produce textiles or garments using reflective lamination, heat transfer, pad printing and N/C Gerber Paragon cutting.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System and have grown to encompass a 50,000 foot manufacturing floor.

*Envision proudly produces SKILCRAFT products that create and sustain rewarding careers for Americans who are blind. SKILCRAFT: Exceptional quality. Extraordinary impact. Learn more at NIB.org/SKILCRAFT


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