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An Outsourcing Partnership with a Mission

Looking for a way to expand your manufacturing operations? What if you could partner with an organization that has a mission to provide jobs to hard-working, dedicated people who are blind or visually impaired. Envision Dallas could be your next best partner.

Machinery Available:


The Kolbus DA 270 is used by customers around the world for the automatic production of book covers, display cards, calendar backs, game boards, or in this case, diploma covers. The DA 270 casemaker runs at speeds of up to 65 cycles/min. It’s a heavy-duty, versatile machine for a wide range of applications. Like with all of the Kolbus Casemakers, they’re built to be extremely operator friendly and ideal for one-man operation, providing maximum production and ROI.

Best for projects like:

  • Diploma Covers
  • Award Binders
  • Book Covers

Gerber Cutter

The Gerber Paragon HX cutting system is a high-ply, conveyorized cutting system designed to meet the needs of mid to high-volume jobs. It cuts up to 7.2cm (2.8inches) of vacuum compressed material. The HX is engineered to deliver maximum uptime in a multi-shift environment.

Best for projects like:

  • Woven Textiles
  • Automotive Fabrics/ Vinyls
  • Flexible Materials

Labor Outsourcing:


Envision Dallas has the capability to assemble products, package or kit products to your specifications and needs.


Our Sewing department has the experience to cut, sew, laminate, package and ship. We have experience using all types of textiles, fabrics, soft materials, grommets, buckles and reflectives.

CRF-362 Creaser/Folder

The Standard Horizon CRF-362 Creaser/Folder has been designed to handle the unique requirements of creasing and folding digital color output across a wide range of light and heavy weight stocks, coated or uncoated. Creasing and folding can be done in one pass for easy and accurate processing of a variety of applications such as restaurant menus, greeting cards, book covers, and marketing collateral.

RD-4055 Rotary Die Cutter System

The Standard Horizon RD-4055 Rotary Die Cutter System can perforate, slit, hole punch and round corners of various substrates up to 0.019” thickness for sheet sizes up to 15.74” x 21.65”. Applications are small chipboard boxes, pocket folders, labels and stickers.

What one partner says about working with Envision Dallas:

“It’s truly an honor to work with a company like Envision, who provides such great opportunities for the Dallas community. The Kolbus DA 270 is providing Envision with the opportunity for substantial growth in a new market, while making an impact on the local community,” said Kelly Adams, Southeast Sales for Kolbus America. “This machine is extremely safe and easy to operate, making it a perfect fit for Envision’s employees.”

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