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Finding Hope

Megan Lovely - Jul 31, 2015

Tags: employment    Envision    manufacturing   
Jose Rodriguez is a bag picker in Envision manufacturing. Every day, he comes to work excited to contribute to his family and to Envision, but most of all to have a sense of purpose.

Before 2014, Jose was in a bad place in his life. He spent most days lounging around the house and didn’t find joy in daily activities. Because of his visual impairment, Jose always had difficulty finding work. No one would give him an opportunity.

Then, in 2014, Jose’s wife helped him find an opportunity with Envision. She helped him fill out the paperwork, and when he got the job, they were both ecstatic. Envision was the first employer to give Jose a chance and to believe in him. He had a newfound sense of hope and belonging. He likes that he works with people who face the same visual challenges as he does, and that he is part of a team. His family and those around him saw a big change in Jose.

“I can’t believe how I am today when I think about how I was,” Jose said. “I feel happy. I had dreams that I would have this opportunity.”