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A group photo of kids and leaders at Heather's Camp 2023.

Heather's Camp: created for kids, anchored in love

What is Heather's Camp?

Founded in 2001, Heather’s Camp focuses on providing youth ages 7-18 who are blind or visually impaired with a traditional camp experience in an inclusive environment. Campers learn new skills, create lasting friendships, and build confidence. Our volunteer counselors support and encourage campers to challenge themselves, overcome barriers and actively participate in a variety of camp activities.   

What's Included:

These are just a summary of the fun filled activities we offer!

•  Field Games

•  Arts and crafts

•  Trails

•  Horseback Riding 

•  Campfire

•  Canoeing

•  Water Activities

•  Beep Archery

•  Fishing

•  Ropes course

•  Rock climbing

•  Songs and dance


Heather's Camp Supports ECC

Heather's Camp isn't just a summer camp; it's a transformative experience for campers seeking to improve their Extended Core Curriculum (ECC) skills. Heather's Camp offers a unique blend of adventure and learning, empowering students to grow in confidence, independence, and community.

Campers embark on a journey of discovery, navigating diverse environments and honing their mobility and sensory skills in unfamiliar settings. We nurture a sense of community through engaging in group activities where campers learn valuable life skills like teamwork, communication and effective time management. These experiences forge lasting friendships that extend beyond the campgrounds, providing a supportive network for continued growth.

Our dedicated team of group leaders understand the importance of pushing campers outside their comfort zones, creating opportunities for self-discovery and building robust self-confidence. This newfound confidence guides campers not just through camp, but also back into their everyday lives. It is more than just fun; we provide the tools and experiences that empower campers to navigate the world with confidence, independence, and a vibrant community by their side.

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July 28 - July 31, 2024

A young boy smiling as he catches a fish

Who is Eligible?

Heather’s Camp is designed for youth ages 7-18 who are blind or visually impaired and whose vision loss is their primary challenge. Based on the training we provide our staff and volunteers, we may not be the appropriate fit for students whose behavioral, developmental or mobility issues are more challenging than their vision loss. Additionally, campers attending residential programs must be able to meet their own physical, feeding, and personal hygiene needs with minimal assistance for our younger campers. Our goal is to provide a safe and beneficial experience for all involved. 

Meaningful Connections

Through our network of volunteers, we are able to offer a near one-to-one mentorship to allow campers to participate fully in the camp activities in the safest way possible. Our strongest connection, by far, is with the women of Delta Gamma, whose philanthropy is SERVICE FOR SIGHT. Our shared missions provide our campers with an amazing summer experience!

If you are interested in volunteering to be a counselor for Heather's Camp, contact us at or call 316-440-1525.

How Do Kids Participate?

Campers can register to participate in Heather’s Camp by contacting They will be added to our distribution list for ongoing programming. Summer Program Registration includes transportation to camp from our designated meeting point in Wichita, housing, meals, and activities.

Registration for camp is $100.

Contact us for additional questions or assistance.

A group of Delta Gammas posing for a photo at camp.
A counselor showing a visually impaired boy how to pull the bow of a bow and arrow.
A group of kid jumping into the lake.

Heather Muller seated with two boys in her preschool class.

Who is Heather?

Heather’s Camp honors the memory of Heather Suzanne Francis Muller, her love of children and her desire to help those with special needs.

A light to those in darkness

Born to James and Lois Muller on September 21, 1975, Heather attended high school at Kapaun Mt. Carmel and was involved in Music Theatre for Young People, Wichita Children’s Theatre and Music Theatre of Wichita. She impacted hundreds of people with her beautiful voice and musical talent. Heather was an active member of Delta Gamma and had a passion for its philanthropy: Service for Sight.

In 1998, Heather graduated with a degree in audiology from Wichita State. She began working with children while pursuing her master’s degree in early childhood special education. Heather would have completed her degree in May 2001. Though she is gone, her spirit will always be with us. We find comfort knowing she is present each time a person sings a song, helps a child, or says a prayer.

Adapted from: Tania Muller and Jill Crotty (Heitkotter), March 2001