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Meet Sandy Wilkinson

Sandy Wilkinson was diagnosed with a hereditary eye disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa, when she was born. Now Sandy is thriving working for Envision, is able to provide for herself and her family, and enjoys her career; but she didn’t get to this place overnight. While living in Ohio, Sandy was working as a caregiver when the state laws changed, requiring that anyone who was working as a caregiver had to also have their Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) license. When she went to apply to get her license, she was told that because she was blind, she didn’t meet the safety standards of the job and couldn’t become a CNA.  

“I was pretty upset, but I also had to try and understand the perspective of most sighted people,” said Wilkinson. “While I knew that I could take care of patients (and already had been), I did understand that many wouldn’t think I could tell the signs of when a patient is in danger or very ill health, even though I have other senses to use than my eyes that would inform me of these things.”  

After this, Sandy worked a few other jobs to pay the bills, but the barriers persisted. Jobs slipped through her fingers, not due to capability but because of the lingering stigmas surrounding blindness. Undeterred, Sandy embarked on a quest for employment opportunities tailored for people like her. That's when Envision entered her life like a guiding light. 

Burdened financially and burned out from the list of employers who overlooked her, Sandy was thrilled to find a company so passionate about helping people to thrive. “I remember sending in my resume so fast, and getting a call back within a week that I could move forward with a work trial,” said Wilkinson. “After my work trial, I started as a Picker in the manufacturing department and moved up to a Machine Operator very quickly. Envision covered all my relocation costs and made it so easy for me to succeed.”   

While Sandy’s work life was now going great, she was facing many personal problems at home after she started fighting for guardianship rights of her two brothers, both of whom had unique health challenges. While she was ready to move forward and up in her career, she knew that family was the most important thing and she didn’t feel mentally or emotionally prepared to take additional work opportunities during the time. “I am so grateful for the support I was given during such a hard time in my life by my coworker Ryan Olsen, my boss Margie Bradley, my supervisor Manual Gutierrez, and my boyfriend who I actually met through Envision,” said Wilkinson.  

In 2022, Sandy emerged victorious in her quest for guardianship, creating a stable home for her brothers. With this milestone, she felt ready to refocus on her career aspirations. Envision, recognizing her potential, offered a new opportunity—a transition to the Envision Interface Contact Center as a Customer Service Representative in November of 2023. While she says that she will always miss her coworkers in manufacturing, she has been thrilled with learning new skills. “I was ready to be in a more professional setting and to gain more skills to help me succeed,” said Wilkinson. “I feel like I am in a place where I can truly grow, and I am so happy.” 

When asked how Envision has impacted her, Wilkinson reflects, “Envision has turned my life around. I wouldn’t have been able to fight for my brothers without Envision giving me the chance to be able to financially provide for them. Envision literally saved my brothers' lives and I will be forever grateful. I wouldn’t have a home and I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend if I hadn’t found Envision. I have so many opportunities through the company. I would say to anyone who is considering working at Envision to do it. It is life changing. You could have a career here for life. They treat you like family. “ 

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Sandy sitting at a desk smiling.

“Envision has turned my life around. I have so many opportunities through the company. I would say to anyone who is considering working at Envision to do it. It is life changing. You could have a career here for life. They treat you like family. “

-Sandy Wilkinson

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