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Meet Reymundo Anthony

"First, I want to thank you for allowing me to grandfathered into the Assistive Technology (AT) training. Your understanding and support lifted my morale. Since going blind at 65, it has been an ongoing struggle to live independently. I had been living with and carrying for my mother with Alzheimer’s but had to move her to a Nursing Home after going blind in 2018. However, I continued to visit her every day, and spent my days at the nursing home by her side until she died. She passed away one year after I went blind. I even tried to go for AT training on the day that my mom had died, and my trainer Al Rodriguez told me not to. I went to the nursing home to feel and hold her body for the last time. I suffered two major losses; my sight and my mother who was my hero. I now live alone, and my only source of social support is the staff at Envision Dallas. My Assistive Technology training provides emotional support as well as useful technology training. With the help of the staff, I have begun to establish relationships with blind organizations. The experience has provided me with the motivation and encouragement in learning to adapt into the world of blindness. I cannot tell you how important this has been simply; it has literally been a life saver. I have moved from darkness, and isolation and despair to want of hope for the future."  – Reymundo Anthony 

Al Rodriguez demonstrating how to use a computer with an older male during assistive technology training

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