Meet Marybeth Clare

Meet Marybeth Clare

Marybeth Clare is a Cashier/Stocker for Envision Xpress at our Base Supply Center in Mountain Home, Idaho and has been with Envision for three years. After an allergic reaction to a migraine medication, she was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder and began experiencing vision loss later in life. 

“I greatly struggled with accepting my vision loss,” said Clare. “The two best things I was able to do for myself was attend training at the Commission for the Blind as well as go to therapy. The commission trained me and opened doors to a community full of people going through similar experiences, which gave me support. I continue to go to therapy also.” 

Clare first learned about Envision through a friend who worked at the Commission for the Blind and had received an email about an open job position at Envision, then shared the email with Clare. 

“I immediately contacted the manager, and the rest is history,” said Clare. “When I first started, I went through a work trial, which couldn’t have gone better. The team at Mountain Home and I clicked quickly, and we began to work as a team effortlessly. It was a natural fit, and I enjoyed learning what I would be doing and knew it would be life changing.” 

Before finding Envision, Clare had applied for over 70 jobs. Sadly, none were accepting of her disability. When asked why Envision is meaningful to her, she replied, “Envision ensures that I have all the assistive technology I need to do my job. Every day I love coming to work and I feel like I have a purpose. Each day I leave knowing that I helped our military in one way or another. That fills me with an abundance of joy.” 

Clare is passionate about her job and excels in everything she does – traits that are obvious to everyone around her. Her hard work has paid off as she has been selected not only as Envision’s winner, but also the National Industries for the Blind’s Winner of the 2023 Peter J. Salmon Direct Labor Employee of the Year Award! 

“One word to sum up Marybeth Clare is tenacious,” said Marla Page, Envision Xpress Manager for the Mountain Home Idaho Center, and Clare’s supervisor. “I’ve never met anyone who works so diligently to overcome obstacles; not only for herself, but for others who may follow in her footsteps. I feel Marybeth is deserving of these awards because she tirelessly advocates for programs and benefits designed for bettering the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired across the country...and she does it with a smile on her face and love in her heart.” 

When asked how it feels to be one of the NIB employees of the year, Clare replied, “There are so many people who are excelling in their field and making changes. I am incredibly grateful for this honor. It is truly the biggest honor of my life.”  

Clare and other NIB national winners will be attending the National NIB Conference in Arlington, Virginia later this year and will be honored for their achievements. 

Clare has also participated in the College Success Program through Envision and is currently a Boise State University Senior. She will be graduating in May of 2024. Her dream is to one day open a small publishing company and write books.   

Marybeth standing with Michael Monteferrante, both smiling at the camera.

"I am incredibly grateful for this honor. It is truly the biggest honor of my life.”  

-Marybeth Clare

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