Kyle Shaults speaking at the 2021 Evening with Envision event.

Meet Kyle Shaults

Kyle Shaults experiences career opportunities, excels at Envision

Kyle Shaults started working at Envision in March 2011, as a Machine Operator in manufacturing. Then in 2016, he got married and moved to Las Vegas when his wife joined the United States Air Force. During that time, they had a daughter and decided to move back to Wichita to be closer to family. In April 2019, Kyle returned to Envision in the Warehouse Shipping department. Recently, Kyle saw an opportunity to change careers and began working in the William L. Hudson Workforce Innovation Center as a Customer Care Specialist and then got promoted to Call Center Team Lead in October 2021. 

"We are proud to have Kyle join us in the Workforce Innovation Center. It is exciting to see him progress in his career and receive the opportunities he wants and deserves," said Karyn Page, VP, Innovation, Envision. "Kyle is an inspiration to others as he continues to grow and develop at Envision." 

Kyle was born with congenital glaucoma, and has had 71 eye surgeries in his lifetime. After accepting a scholarship to Butler County Community College, he started experiencing some serious vision issues that he hid from his family and friends. After narrowly walking away from a bad car accident, he lost his drive to pursue his goals, and dropped out of college. Kyle's family helped him find Envision after having a job with a boss that didn't understand how to work with someone with vision loss. After enjoying his job with Envision manufacturing, he found his drive again. 

"I am proof that this process works," said Shaults. "That great things can happen when people within a company accept people as they are and genuinely strive to be inclusive for all. It’s amazing to be able to move up through a company who understands that people with disabilities want to work and can work. It proves that we’re capable of anything. Thank you to Envision – for the many mentors who have made my career possible so far. I look forward to what’s next. I will keep learning and growing and moving up."

Kyle has also volunteered as a camp counselor at Heather's Camp. He enjoys working at Envision because of the people he has come to know through the years and the fact that they all come from different walks of life. 

"Kyle is an inspiration to others as he continues to grow and develop at Envision." -Michael Monteferrante, president and CEO. 

Kyle Shaults smiling at his desk and computer in the Envision Workforce Innovation Center call center

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