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Jose and his wife Ember on the left with their children shown at the right of the picture.

Meet Jose Leal and family

Jose and Family Thrive in All Aspects of Envision

Jose Leal and his family are truly an inspiration to our whole Envision family.

Not only is Jose Leal, Machine Operator, our 2021 winner and nominee for the NIB Direct Labor Employee of the Year Award, but his whole family is also active with many of our programs.

Jose’s wife, Ember Thompson, has participated in the golf clinic and art program while their daughter, Cecilia, is a middle school student who attends Heather’s Camp, Level Up and Art.

Their son, Gabe, recently graduated from the Envision Child Development Center and their other son, Zeke, still attends. Everyone in the family, except for baby Millie, are visually impaired and takes part in nearly every aspect of our organization. They are examples of what it means to be independent and thriving.

“Nowhere else could I find a job for me and multiple program opportunities for my whole family in one place,” said Jose. “I’m thankful for everything that Envision provides for my family.”

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