Envision Stories | Dallas Fonken | Visual Impairment in Children
Young Dallas smiling at the ECDC with teacher

Meet Dallas Fonken

Dallas was diagnosed as legally blind when she was only four months old. Dallas’ parents, Sarah and Chad, were frightened and worried for their daughter. What kind of future would she have? Then the family was referred to the Envision Child Development Center. First, a home-based teacher from the ECDC visited the Fonken household and helped Sarah and Chad learn some techniques to help their daughter learn and develop more successfully. Next, the ECDC worked with the Fonkens to help them cover the costs of the daycare, and Dallas soon began attending.

Dallas wearing a light green top laughs at the camera sitting by a stuffed scarecrow.

Dallas posed in an autumn scene, laughs joyfully.

Dallas in her bright blue cap and gown graduates from ECDC.

Dressed in her cap and gown, Dallas graduates from ECDC with pride.

Here at the ECDC, Dallas is learning Braille, how to best utilize her sight and other crucial development skills. Watching their daughter thrive in an integrated environment of children who are visually impaired and typically-sighted, Dallas’ parents now realize their daughter can do anything any other child can do. “Dallas’ world is a little different. The ECDC made me realize that anything is possible for her, though,” says Sarah. “As soon as I sign her in, she just goes crazy. She starts laughing and talking. It’s an amazing program. I think her future is bright.”

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