Envision Stories | Employee Celebrates Retirement After Decades of Service
Margie Bradley helps Dale celebrate 21 years of service at Envision

Meet Dale Wilson

After nearly 21 years of passion and excellence, Dale Wilson and his co-workers celebrated his retirement from Envision in June 2021. Dale was very grateful for everyone who came to help celebrate his time at Envision.

While with Envision, he worked as a Small Assembly Machine Operator at the Wichita Water Street location. We asked Dale a few questions about his time at Envision and he said his fondest memories will always be talking with his co-workers and being part of the Envision family. He also said Envision is a great place to work and the people are very friendly. Dale enjoyed telling his co-workers stories about his time in the Air Force and he said his favorite part of his job was making parts for the military to support our country. Dale always talked about how proud he is of his daughter, and his son-in-law, who are also in the military. He and his wife love to spend their vacation time in Amarillo, Texas, visiting their daughter.

Margie Bradley, plant manager, worked with Dale for 20 years and shared how much she will miss him. "He came to work every day and gave it his all. Dale has many friends here at Envision. I can honestly say he never had an unkind word about anyone. It has been my pleasure to know and work with Dale these past years. His shoes will be hard to fill, and he will be sorely missed!"

Maricela Rickards, Dale's supervisor for 10 years said, "Dale inspired me and many others every day. He was always very positive, and he never came to work in a bad mood. He was always on-time and willing to help out wherever he was needed."

Dale's message to everyone working at Envision is, "This is a good place to work, so enjoy your job, do your best and make the best of every situation."

Dale, we appreciate your passion, teamwork and excellence, and want to thank your for spending more than 20 years with the Envision family. We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy retirement!