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UK Blind Artist Clarke Reynolds Partners with the Envision Arts Gallery for First Solo Exhibition

By Holly Herring • Mar 25, 2024

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Wichita, Kan. [March 25, 2024] – The Envision Arts Gallery and Community Engagement Center is eager to present its new artist-in-residence program with the opening of "American Way Words," a three-month exhibition presenting the renowned UK blind artist Clarke Reynolds, known for his interactive use of Braille in art. 
The public is invited to a free opening reception on Friday, April 5th at the Envision Arts Gallery in downtown Wichita from 5 to 9 p.m., with a special presentation from Reynolds at 6 p.m. This event marks both Clarke Reynolds's first solo exhibition in the U.S. and his role as the inaugural artist of the gallery’s new residency program, embodying Envision’s dedication to fostering artistic innovation and collaboration.

Clarke Reynolds, a visionary born with limited sight in Havant, England, crafts a journey of resilience and creativity through his art. After an early spark of inspiration from Franz Marc's "The Yellow Cow," Clarke pursued and attained a BA honors degree in model making. Despite significant challenges, including the loss of his sight, Reynolds' fervor for artistic expression propelled him to innovate, using textiles and Braille to forge new paths of exploration in art through touch and sound.

"American Way Words" transcends a traditional art exhibition. It's an all-encompassing, interactive space that invites audiences to discover language and communication through tactile and visual experiences, embracing inclusivity and delight in exploration.

"My aim is to make Braille more inclusive in society through the size and color of the dot," says Reynolds. "By enlarging Braille, we illuminate the often-overlooked discussion of sight loss, shattering the barriers of silence surrounding it. My art and workshops invite us to rediscover the child within, to learn and play irrespective of age."

During his residency, Clarke Reynolds will engage the Wichita community, conducting PLAY TOUCH MAKE Braille workshops in public schools and organizations, and with Envision Arts program participants, ranging from young preschoolers to seniors with vision loss. These workshops celebrate the beauty and significance of Braille through playful learning.

Sarah Kephart, Senior Manager, Envision Arts, adds, “Clarke Reynolds brings an exceptional perspective to art and communication. His approach is not just about art for art’s sake but a profound dialogue that invites us to rethink how we connect and understand each other. His residency and this exhibition are set to be a transformative experience for our community.”

A key feature of "American Way Words" is a life-size, playable Scrabble board. This installation is designed to be both accessible and enjoyable, using one-foot square tiles marked with color-coded Braille, allowing both sighted and visually impaired individuals to partake in the joy of language.

Over 60 artworks accompanying the Scrabble board highlight the quirks and idiosyncrasies of English, juxtaposing British and American terms like 'Ice Lolly' versus 'Popsicle.' These playful pairings offer a glimpse into the cultural tapestry that language weaves, fostering conversations about accessibility, diversity and the shared experience of art.

Envision Arts Gallery and Clarke Reynolds cordially invite you to join us for this innovative and heartfelt exhibition. "American Way Words" not only showcases Reynolds' ingenuity but also embodies our commitment to art that celebrates inclusivity, literacy and cultural dialogue. Don't miss the opportunity to experience language in a new dimension where touch, sight and play merge into a harmonious celebration of human connection.

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About the Envision Arts Gallery and Community Engagement Center: The year-round Envision Arts program has been using expressive arts to help foster mind, body and spirit healing through multidimensional and sensory art for many years within Envision headquarters on Main St. in Wichita, Kanas. Envision, the nation’s premier service provider to and employer of individuals who are blind or visually impaired, opened the permanent art gallery in January 2022. The Gallery has continued the momentum of the program and aims to empower artists and audiences who are blind, visually impaired, and disabled by providing a safe and supportive platform to exhibit and engage to promote a culture of inclusion and accessibility to the arts for all. The Gallery is located in the old Patrick Hotel building in downtown Wichita's Historic Union Station area at 801 East Douglas, Suite 106, managed and owned by Occidental Management. For more information, visit

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