Emerging Artist Lily Dickson Debuts 'HANDS ON' Exhibition at the Envision Arts Gallery

Emerging Artist Lily Dickson Debuts 'HANDS ON' Exhibition at the Envision Arts Gallery

By Holly Herring • Jul 31, 2023

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Student artist who is blind translates emotions into immersive, tactile artwork accessible to all.

WICHITA, Kan. (July 31, 2023) — Envision and the Envision Arts Gallery, in partnership with the Trust Company of Kansas, are proud to announce the opening of a new exhibition featuring Kansas City-based artist Lily Dickson. Titled “HANDS ON,” this exhibition showcases Dickson's passion for tactile, fully accessible art and her commitment to building a culture of inclusion within the art world.

As a legally blind artist and student at the prestigious Kansas City Art Institute, Dickson has found her voice and unleashed her creativity through various mediums including painting, miniatures, sculpting, and drawing. Her artwork not only captivates the eyes but also invites touch, allowing individuals to experience her emotions and feelings through physical interaction.

“This is my first public art exhibition and I'm extremely excited, nervous, and grateful. It's such an amazing opportunity,” said Dickson. “I'm proud of myself too because growing up, I didn't always fit in well since I have a disability. But I believe I've found my calling and I am honored to share my artwork with the community at the Envision Arts Gallery.”


The public is invited to the Envision Arts Gallery for the opening of the "HANDS ON" exhibition on First Friday, August 4, from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. Located at 801 E. Douglas Ave, Suite 106 in Wichita, Kansas, the gallery will provide an opportunity to meet the artist, experience her artwork, and participate in art activities inspired by the exhibition. This event is free and open to all.

One of Dickson's most notable pieces, titled “Spirit,” serves as a visual representation of her soul and her journey of growth. Through her artwork, she aims to create a bridge between her own experiences and those of others, allowing for a deeper connection and understanding.

“We're thrilled to welcome Lily Dickson to the Envision Arts Gallery and Community Engagement Center. Lily’s exhibition exemplifies our commitment to advancing opportunities for artists who are BVI that are emerging in the field of expressive arts across the nation,” said Sarah Kephart, Envision Arts Program Manager. “Lily is a role model for our youth and an inspiration for all people who may question or doubt themselves when it comes to pursuing their dreams, as she is living proof that all things are possible when despite any inequalities, challenges or adversities one may face.”

The “HANDS ON” exhibition will be on display at the Envision Arts Gallery from August 4 to October 27 in the Main Gallery. For more information about Lily Dickson and the exhibition, please visit www.EnvisionArtsGallery.com or call (316) 440-1699.

The Envision Arts Gallery will also host an immersive art workshop with Lily on Saturday, August 5th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. where seating is limited and registration is required. In this experience, participants will create small sculptures inspired by music. Guided by Lily's unique perspective as a visually impaired artist, you will learn to translate the rhythms and melodies of sound into tangible forms, awakening a new understanding of artistic expression through touch.

All proceeds from artwork and merchandise purchased from the gallery directly support the artists and helps the Envision Arts program. 

About the Envision Arts Gallery and Community Engagement Center: The year-round Envision Arts program has been using expressive arts to help foster mind, body and spirit healing through multidimensional and sensory art for many years within Envision headquarters on Main St. in Wichita, Kanas. Envision, the nation’s premier service provider to and employer of individuals who are blind or visually impaired, opened the permanent art gallery in January 2022. The Gallery has continued the momentum of the program and aims to empower artists and audiences who are blind, visually impaired, and disabled by providing a safe and supportive platform to exhibit and engage to promote a culture of inclusion and accessibility to the arts for all. The Gallery is located in the old Patrick Hotel building in downtown Wichita's Historic Union Station area at 801 East Douglas, Suite 106, managed and owned by Occidental Management. For more information, visit www.envisionartsgallery.com.

About Envision: Envision promotes advocacy and independence for people who are blind or have low vision. Founded in 1933, Envision is one of the largest employers of individuals with vision loss in the nation. Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, Envision’s mission is to improve the quality of life and provide inspiration and opportunity for people who are blind or visually impaired through employment, outreach, rehabilitation, education, and research. For more information, visit www.envisionus.com.

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