Envision the Possibilities

It's Summer Camp Time!

Archery? Why not!

Rock climbing? Absolutely.

Horseback riding? Sounds like fun!

Our campers, with low vision or no vision, are unstoppable.

A camper aiming a bow and arrow at a target during a beep archery activity.

Let's make this an unforgettable experience together!

Help us provide supplies for our campers this year by clicking the button below. 

Campers need:

  • Beach Towels
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Ball Caps
  • S'mores Supplies
  • and more!

Envision's Heather's Camp

Founded in 2001, Heather’s Camp focuses on providing youth ages 7-18 who are blind or visually impaired with a traditional camp experience in an inclusive environment. Campers learn new skills, create lasting friendships, and build confidence. 

Our volunteer counselors support and encourage campers to challenge themselves, overcome barriers and actively participate in a variety of camp activities!

A boy having a helmet placed on his head.

A camper preparing to rock climb on the course.

A young girl climbing on a ladder.

A camper climbing a ladder as she prepares to rope swing on the course.

At Heathers Camp, blind youth have the freedom of being among peers who understand their experiences. They don’t have to try and explain their disability or act any differently; they can just be who they are. 

Campers can participate in activities in a more independent way than they may have ever experienced, helping them grow their sense of belonging and self worth!

With the right encouragement and friendships, our campers can come out of their shells and grow their independence and self-confidence.

"I met new people, made lifelong friendships and did things that I didn't think I was able to do. From horseback riding, beep archery and rock climbing, Heather's Camp was an awesome experience for me."

-Jimmy, Heather's Camp Participant

Contact me to learn more about witnessing firsthand how campers at our Heather's Camp are unstoppable.

Emily Hurst, Vice President, Wichita Foundation and Workforce Innovation