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Overcoming Obstacles by Blake Lindsay

Book cover of Blake Linday's new book, Overcoming Obstacles and Getting Extraordinary Results

Overcoming Obstacles & Getting Extraordinary Results

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This has been the motto of Blake Lindsay’s extraordinary life. Blake has been totally blind since infancy. As a result, he has spent most of his life dealing with obstacles and overcoming the challenges of life. In this inspiring book, you’ll learn how to face your fears, lead with confidence and much more in order to get extraordinary results. 

Blake’s inspiring message brings a positive life attitude and spirit of encouragement to his life purpose of helping people improve their attitude, perception and understanding of blindness or other physical and mental life challenges.

About the Author

Blake Lindsay is the Manager of Outreach with Envision Dallas. He has been with Envision Dallas and its predecessor organization, Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind, for twelve years and his passion is to improve people’s perception of blindness.

Prior to joining Envision Dallas, Blake worked with several recognized companies including the Zig Ziglar Corporation, Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Bank of America. 

He is also a well-known voice talent on top Texas, Kansas and Indiana radio stations and manages his own production company Blazin’ Blake Productions. He has produced nationwide radio and TV commercials in addition to creating specialized branding for companies. Overcoming Obstacles is Blake's third published book. His other titles include Out of Sight Living: A Sightless Person with Pure Vision, and Blind for a Purpose, Turning Life Challenges into Purpose in Life.

Totally blind since infancy from Retinoblastoma, an eye cancer that begins in the retina, Blake Lindsay offers a unique perspective on aspects of Envision’s employment, workforce development, education and outreach programs for people who are blind or visually impaired.

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Ways to engage with Envision:

  • To tour our Envision Dallas facility; or to invite Blake to speak at your organization, function or event call 214-420-9411 or email blake.lindsay@envisionus.com 

  • To tour our Wichita facility, call 316-440-1500

  • To learn about employment opportunities at Envision, visit our careers page

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Read the Forward by David Stupay, Managing Director, Envision Dallas.

I have the privilege of serving in my leadership position of getting to work with people who are blind or visually impaired. During the three years I have been in this position, I have learned so much from Blake Lindsay and our employees at Envision Dallas. Every day I am inspired and challenged and feel a sense of community working with some of the best people I have ever met. 

Blake Lindsay is our Manager of Outreach for Envision Dallas. In that role he serves as ambassador of our brand in the Dallas Metroplex and on a national level with politicians and leaders in the federal and state government. What I really appreciate about Blake is his love for people. You are going to experience love in action as you read this book. You will read stories that teach life lessons about himself and about people that he genuinely cares about.  

The stories in Overcoming Obstacles and Getting Extraordinary Results show the reality of who Blake is. He absolutely loves people and people love Blake. I have never met an individual who lights up a room the way that Blake Lindsay does. And the joy that he brings to every single environment he comes into is contagious. You will feel and be inspired by his sense of purpose, passion, and commitment. I have worked with Blake for three years and in that time, I have seen nothing but a resolute individual who leads with integrity, who leads with ambition, and who leads with a true calling of helping other people live a better life.

This book is one that can honestly relate to every single person. We all want to achieve and get results in our businesses, in our personal lives, and in our families. In the pursuit of results, we are all faced with challenges and obstacles to overcome. Blake invites us to think about how each of us can as he would say, “Turn a test into a testimony.”

Whether the obstacles we face are great or small steppingstones to making things better, the principles that are in this book apply to us no matter where we are and whether we have sight or not. Blake’s stories and success-in-life principles apply to each of us, no matter who we are and no matter what background we come from. We know that if we can learn from people of diverse backgrounds, of different abilities, we could all get better. I truly hope that this book inspires you and helps you to get better as a leader.

Envision is based in Wichita, Kansas, and is one of the largest employers of people who are blind or visually impaired in the country. In 2018, Envision acquired the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind and brought it into the Envision family, now known as Envision Dallas. Since that time, Blake has been instrumental in helping our business grow, expand our services, and increase our product sales, allowing us to continue to create more jobs for people who are blind or visually impaired. We run a unique business where we provide services for people who are blind or visually impaired through assistive technology, orientation, mobility, and occupational therapy.

We also run social enterprises from call centers to manufacturing to distribution that help create meaningful jobs and fulfilling careers for people who are blind or visually impaired.