Envision Partners with the City of Wichita to Impact Transportation Experiences

Terri Maus - Jun 15, 2021

Tags: accessibility, community

Envision and the City of Wichita renewed a partnership that continues to help make public transportation accessible and provides assistance to blind or visually impaired individuals with necessary paperwork.

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Digital Accessibility in Retail Spaces: Why is digital accessibility important?

Katie Link

With 97.8 percent of all website home pages having detectable accessibility errors, the methods for ensuring accessibility is much easier than one might think. The benefits of making websites accessible for everyone of all ages and abilities far outweigh the risk of costly litigation fees. For a seamless, user-friendly website, please contact us to help you reach an untapped, underserved audience and take your website to a completely new level of digital accessibility.

Tags: accessibility, "accessibility audit", accessible, testing, website

PRIDE allows Jessica Pruitt to ‘be part of the real world and fulfill her purpose’

Angela Cato

Jessica has cerebral palsy and is legally blind. In PRIDE, which stands for People Reaching for Independence and the Development of Excellence, she has thrived.


30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Angela Cato

In its relatively short lifespan, this landmark legislation has created a more inclusive America where people with disabilities have equal access to all areas of public life, including employment.

Tags: Employment

Disability Awareness Day - July 14, 2020

Angela Cato

The goal for this day is to encourage others to gain a better understanding of people affected by a disability and promote inclusivity.


Trio of employees in Dallas temporarily take on new jobs

Angela Cato

Envision employees go above and beyond to contribute to the organization in whatever way they can

Tags: Dallas, Employment, Manufacturing

Coming together to stay safe and help others during COVID-19

Angela Cato

The Envision Dallas sewing team is making cloth face masks and putting them in the hands of the people who need them most.

Tags: Dallas, Manufacturing

Dallas employee motivated by his work

Blake Lindsay

Marion Jackson uses his remaining vision to help fellow employees who are blind or visually impaired in any situation.

Tags: Dallas, Employment, Manufacturing

ECDC student's successful journey to kindergarten

Angela Cato

ECDC and its mission to help children with vision loss regardless of a family’s ability to pay was a blessing to Jackston and his family.

Tags: Education

Sedrick Veal knew Envision was the right place for him

Angela Cato

Sedrick is yet another example of how Envision’s employment initiatives restore meaning in the lives of adults who are blind or visually impaired.

Tags: Employment, Manufacturing, Mobility, Upward

Welcoming and accepting environment allowed Lyra to explore her abilities

Angela Cato

Envision programs provide life-changing opportunities to Lyra and many others like her every year.

Tags: Education, Programs

Little Aaron Perez and his mother, Yuritssa, given priceless gift of a happy future

Angela Cato

Yuritssa found the answers she needed two years ago when she enrolled Aaron in the ECDC to receive early intervention services.

Tags: ECDC, Education

Here’s why 316-252-2500 should be in your phone’s contact list

Angela Cato

As the hotline grows, so will the employment opportunities for individuals who are blind or low vision, which is central to the BVI Workforce Innovation Center’s goals and objectives.

Tags: Employment, Technology

Lyra Thompson: ‘We can accomplish so much more than society tells us we can’

Lyra Thompson

Level Up participant Lyra Thompson shares her own thoughts about the program.

Tags: Level, Programs, Up, Youth

ECDC home-based services replaced mother’s tears with feelings of hope

Angela Cato

Home-based services offered by the Envision Child Development Center changed the family's outlook.

Tags: Center, Child, Development, Education, Envision, Services
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