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Seniors with Vision Loss in Dallas Empowered with Independent Living Skills

By Beth Walker • Mar 26, 2024
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Our Seniors Keys to Independence Program (SKIP) participants graduated in March at Envision Dallas! SKIP is a program funded by the Texas Workforce Commission where older individuals from all over Texas who need blind skills training or low vision rehabilitation services are referred to training centers where they learn independent living skills. Envision Dallas is one of only two training centers available in the entire state of Texas for this program and will host new individuals at the end of every month for training.  

Participants started off the program with an orientation and then each day worked through a variety of activities and workshops focused on independent living, such as cooking skills and meal prep, health and wellness, assistive technology, orientation and mobility, personal and home management and more. Dr. Amy Burcham, Assistant Medical Director at Envision Dallas, also taught a module on eye diseases!  

“Whether you are at the beginning of your journey with vision loss or have been visually impaired or blind for a long time, the SKIP program is a wonderful comprehensive learning experience to help empower you to achieve your goals,” said Dr. Burcham.  “It is so exciting to see everyone's confidence grow throughout the program as they learn new adaptive tools and skills and regain their independence." 

Buffy Pillers, Orientation and Mobility Specialist at Envision Dallas, shares, “My heart is full at the end of each SKIP training program. I get to witness the confidence in each person grow as the week progresses, and it is amazing. This program allows seniors across Texas to experience the camaraderie of being around other seniors who have vision loss, and they are able to feel supported and instructed by people who care.” 

Participants will go home with tools and equipment that they were taught how to use during the training program, like talking kitchen thermometers, beepers for boiling water, etc., helping them continue to maintain independence once they return home. We are so proud of our participants for all they learned and are grateful to be a training facility for this impactful program.  

The SKIP program will be available to additional participants this summer. Stay tuned for more information and contact the Dallas Low Vision Rehabilitation team at