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Senior VP of Foundation and Mission Services Retires

By Beth Walker • Oct 20, 2023
Michael standing with Noreen, as she holds a karg statue that says "thank you for your service."

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Envision bid a sweet farewell this month to Noreen Carrocci, PhD, who has served as our Senior Vice President of Foundation and Mission Services for the past two years. Though retired, Carocci plans to stay involved with Envision through various fundraising events. When asked how Envision has made an impact on her life, Carocci shared, “It gave me a bonus career for two years, after being President of Newman University. To get to see how Envision helps transform lives by providing programs and services to people of all ages and stages of blindness and visual impairment, has truly been impactful for me personally.”  

Carocci will always be passionate about Envision’s mission, stating, “I am happy and sad all at the same time. I never would have predicted this job for myself, but it was an absolute joy. This mission is too important for me to just say, “okay bye, I'm done!’ I will continue to be around in the community and to support a mission that is so special to me.”  

When reflecting on her time with Envision, Carrocci says that she owes it all to the leaders of the Foundation and Mission Services (FMS) team. “When I met with the FMS leaders and experienced how passionate they are about their work, I was drawn in immediately. I knew after that meeting that Envision was a company I truly wanted to experience working for.” 

Other members of Envision shared their experiences working with Carrocci upon hearing she was retiring. Michael Monteferrante, President and CEO of Envision, shared, "Noreen has been our guiding star, blending heart, innovation, and steadfast commitment, ensuring Envision not only provides care but also instills a sense of empowerment and fulfillment in every individual we serve." 

Team leaders continued to share: 

“Noreen made it a priority to be present for every event she could. Her presence assured us that we had a leader whose support for our mission was unwavering. It has meant the world to us.” - Hannah Christenson, Director of Community Programs at Envision. 

“Noreen is such a bright spirit and helped us to see the greatness in ourselves and the many lives we impact through our mission and services.  Noreen was dedicated to supporting each of us personally and professionally, and I learned so much from her about how to be a good leader to others compassionately and with confidence.” - Stacy Fuller, Executive Director of Rehabilitation and Support Programs at Envision. 

“Noreen and her husband, Bob Benson, have been critical to the success of the Envision Arts Gallery, and without their support and their commitment for creating equal access to the arts in our community, the gallery would not be positioned to impact the number of lives it has since opening our doors in January of 2022.” - Sarah Kephart, Envision Arts Manager.  

“Noreen has been so encouraging for me and all my kiddos. With her support, I was able to incorporate programs such as our urban farming, which allows for delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to the children at ECDC once a week. She was very excited to have the students focusing on their health. Her encouragement and support of ECDC will not be forgotten.” -Teresa Houston, Director of the Envision Child Development Center. 

“During Noreen’s time at Envision, I never once questioned her passion for the mission. She was truly passionate about serving people who are blind or visually impaired, and she will be deeply missed.” -Stephanie Palmer, Executive Assistant at Envision. 

Carocci's final send-off stated, “Thank you to Michael Monteferrante and everyone at Envision for giving me this opportunity to serve, to learn how to ‘resolve to evolve’, and to work with such terrific people. I leave with a sense of grateful satisfaction for my time with Envision, a singular and stellar organization. Envision and its leaders are top-notch, and I just look forward to seeing the places they will continue to go under
Louis Rodriguez’ leadership. My hope for Envision is that they continue to grow in impact and serve people who are blind or visually impaired throughout Kansas, Texas and beyond.”