Envision Xpress Base Supply Center Receives NIB Excellence Award

Envision Xpress Base Supply Center Receives NIB Excellence Award

By Beth Walker • Oct 27, 2023
Three base supply staff members smiling for a photo.

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Each year, the National Industries for the Blind recognizes outstanding performance by associated nonprofit agencies at the National Industries for the Blind/NAEPB Training Conference and Expo. Our Envision Xpress Space Force Base in Aurora, Colorado was recognized at this year’s expo conference, winning the Base Supply Center Excellence Award! 

“The Buckley Space Force Base is the center of gravity for supply requirements on the installation. This year, the store initiated a transformation aimed at enhancing the customer shopping experience. This included resets to improve product merchandising and a reconfigured clothing space for more efficient management of warfighters’ individual equipment elements,” said the National Industries for the Blind. “The Buckley BSC is a champion of the AbilityOne® Program, with strong customer relations resulting in an overall BSC Best Practice score of 100%.” The Buckley Space Force Base under Envision Xpress has been operating since 1995. Tonya Dudding, Regional Manager for the Base, started working for the Base in 2021, turning many longtime issues into positive changes. 

“In 2021, I was asked to move to Colorado to essentially save the Base. Personnel, operations, and store appearance were all broken. Big changes were quickly made, and the once broken store started to become a shining star,” said Dudding. “Personnel changes brought in the right people and began to change the store for the better. The new team hit the ground running and turned operations around, bringing the AbilityOne inventory up to 78% in just 6 months.” 

With a major focus put into key areas, such as re-vamping the sales floor to be more accommodating to customers, better organization into back stock items for pickup orders, and better processes for inventory, AbilityOne product sales improved at the store and made for over 58% of total sales. All these efforts put in by Dudding and her team show that the Buckley Space Force Base fully supports the mission of the AbilityOne program. 

“Under Tonya's exceptional leadership, the Buckley Xpress location underwent transformative remerchandising, evolving into a space that is both inviting and tailored to the customer,” said Justin Morgan, Director of Retail Operations for Envision Xpress. “She has been the driving force behind numerous outreach events, effectively elevating store visibility and generating considerable excitement on base. Tonya is a fervent advocate for the customer, making it her personal objective to engage with each guest, understand their needs, and deliver first-rate service. The award is a well-deserved recognition of the relentless effort and dedication exhibited by the entire Buckley team. I couldn't be prouder of them and their representation of the Envision brand." 

When receiving the call about winning the award, Dudding was surprised but excited. “All I ever wanted to do in my career with Envision is leave things a little better than I found it,” said Dudding. “The Buckley Base is that for me. Buckley is my story and a testament to me as a Regional Manager with the mindset of leading from the front and by example.  Although I am no longer the store manager there, I do not worry because with the foundation laid, Roy and his team will continue to grow the relationships in and around the base and Buckley will continue to grow and thrive for many years to come.”