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Envision University Grand Rounds Reviews Driving and Diabetic Education

By Holly Herring • Mar 30, 2023
Dr. Krug discusses “Useful Field of View” at the latest Grand Rounds session.

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Dozens of healthcare professionals working with people who have visual impairments had a chance to gain some valuable information to help treat their patients after the latest Envision University Grand Rounds last month.

Grand Round presentations are made possible through an educational grant from Grene Vision Group. These presentations provide opportunities for experienced medical professionals to share their knowledge on key topics.

Kendall Krug, OD from Hays, Kan., presented two courses at this quarter’s Envision University Grand Rounds: Driving with a Visual Impairment and Review of Diabetic Retinopathy.

“Grand Rounds helps us spread awareness of our mission, capabilities and services, and helps researchers and clinicians within the industry gain continuing education credits,” said Michael Epp, Manager of Professional Education, Envision.

More than twenty people attended the event in person in Wichita, Kan., while another 53 participants joined via webinar from 17 states and Mexico.

“Many people don’t realize that there’s a wide spectrum when it comes to vision loss,” noted Epp. “A lot of people think if you have macular degeneration, you’re going to go blind. That may not be true, and you have remaining vision that you can use to live an independent and fulfilling life.”

The freedom and mobility that driving a car offers is important to everyone. Many people with visual impairments want to keep their license if it’s safe to drive. The challenge for optometrists and doctors is diagnosing the best path for their specific patients.

“For example, in Kansas, even if you meet the legal definition of blind, you may still have enough remaining vision that you can drive safely,” said Epp.

The other topic focused on one of the main factors that can lead to visual impairment - diabetes and diabetic retinopathy. Healthcare providers learned the importance of what to look for in their patients managing diabetes and to be especially alert for potential vision loss.

The key presenter, Dr. Kendall Krug, lives with diabetes himself, and he shared his own experience on the importance of managing disease symptoms. Dr. Krug established an Optometry practice in Hays, Kansas, where he spent 32 of his 37 years as a practicing optometrist. At the 2018 Kansas Optometric Association Annual Convention and Seminar in Wichita, he was recognized as the Optometrist of the Year.

Envision University holds several events throughout the year on timely topics facing healthcare providers who provide treatment for people who are visually impaired. Licensing credits are rewarded for attendance.

The next Envision University Grand Rounds event is scheduled for April 13, 2023. You can learn more and register for the event here.