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Envision Interface Doubles Impact on Joint Contact Center Contract

By Beth Walker • May 28, 2024
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In the fall of 2023, Envision Dallas was awarded a contract with the state of Texas to provide additional jobs for people who are blind or visually impaired through the Envision Interface Contact Center. The contract has been a significant joint venture between Envision Interface, Older Individuals Who Are Blind (OIB), the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), and Workquest, and is the only state use contact center operation in Texas, making it a vital service for those it serves.  

Contact center employees at Envision Interface have been taking calls from individuals across Texas wanting information about Vocational Rehabilitation waivers, services, and follow-up calls. The team has also been making outbound calls to spread the word about referrals and services offered through OIB. As of April, Envision Interface has DOUBLED the set goal of referrals to the OIB program!  

Jesus Donacio, Program Specialist at the TWC Vocational Rehabilitation Division, is ecstatic about the accomplishments of the contact center team. “In our initial helpline planning stages, we projected receiving around 500 referrals for the fiscal year," said Donacio. “The Envision Interface team has not only exceeded this target but has done so with three months remaining in our program’s fiscal year. TWC and the OIB Program are extremely proud of the dedication exhibited by the Envision Interface team. Their efforts have not only contributed significantly to our expansion initiatives but have also enabled outreach in areas where our manpower was previously limited.” 

Seferina Munoz, Envision Interface Contact Center Campaign Representative, shares why working on this contract has been important to her, stating, “We get to help people that are facing the same challenges that I did as a visually impaired person, before I found a support system and tools that helped me. We are letting people with vision loss know that there are things offered through the OIB program that can help them continue doing what they love, and I like that we are able to provide that support through this contract.”  

Heather Moore, Director of Contact Center Services at Envision Interface, says that this contract also is unique in that it helps bridge and expand awareness of Envision Dallas and other service providers for people who are blind or visually impaired offered across the state of Texas. “I am so proud of our team for achieving this major milestone, and I know they will continue to do great work,” said Moore. “This milestone continues to prove how vital contact center services are and how efficient our team is.” 

Donacio shared that while he always had confidence in the abilities of Envision Interface, he couldn’t have imagined the magnitude of success the team would achieve in such a short timeframe. “This accomplishment is more than just a milestone; it speaks volumes about our collective dedication, ingenuity, and resilience,” said Donacio. “From countless brainstorming sessions to meticulous attention to detail, we've exemplified innovation and stretched the limits of what's possible. We are immensely proud of what the Envision Interface team has accomplished. This underscores our shared strength, determination, and partnership. Let's harness this momentum as we continue to strive for excellence, innovation, and meaningful contributions to this amazing program that we hold dear.” 

The Envision Interface team will be a part of this joint venture contract for the next two years and is excited to continue playing a vital role in providing job opportunities through its contact center for employees who are blind and visually impaired. To learn more about Envision Interface, click here for more information. 

"When I first started on this contract, I was not sure what to expect, but it has allowed me to grow in ways I couldn't have imagined. Knowing that after each referral form I submit, I have made someone’s day, with hope and assurance that they are not alone in the newness of losing their vision, means everything to me."

-Gale Levitan, Contact Center Campaign Representative

"Giving hope, joy and inspiration to others who really need it has been the best part about working on this contract. I love our teamwork, excellent communication and collaboration. At the end of the day, I feel a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, knowing that in some way I’ve helped to make life worthwhile by bringing hope and new possibilities to others."

-Rhanda Hasley, Contact Center Campaign Representative