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What does Envision do?

By Holly Herring • Aug 26, 2022
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What does Envision do exactly? Is Envision a national company? We get these questions often and hope the guide below is helpful for your understanding. 

Envision’s headquarters are located in Wichita, Kansas while Envision Dallas is located in Dallas, Texas. Envision/Envision Dallas is made up of many departments focused on improving the quality of life for people who are blind or visually impaired. 

At our Main Street location in Wichita:
  • The Cathy G. Hudson Envision Child Development Center (ECDC) – A state-of-the-art child development center that brings children ages 0-5 years who are sighted or visually impaired together in comprehensive learning classrooms. 
  • The Bicknell Envision Vision Rehabilitation Center (EVRC) – A clinic that provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary vision rehabilitation by combining adaptive technology, training and more to maximize visual function.
  • The Gigi and Carl Allen Envision Research Institute (ERI) – Through partnerships with national researchers and internal research programs, ERI works diligently to push breakthroughs in vision research that have immediate and practical implications for those who are blind or low vision.
  • Envision Programs (Adult Support Group, Level Up, Heather’s Camp, golf clinic, etc.) and Envision Arts (including the Envision Arts Gallery) – Youth and adult programs focused on helping people with vision loss life a fulfilling life and remain confident and independent in their homes, schools and communities.
  • The Envision Foundation – Responsible for donor relations and acquiring funding for all programs and crucial services. 
  • Envision University and Envision Conference – Offers relevant multidisciplinary continuing education and research opportunities that address practice gaps in current standards of care and research as well as the premier international conference for networking with medical professionals, researchers and industry representatives.
  • The William L. Hudson Workforce Innovation Center (WIC) – Provides progressive career opportunities and creates jobs for people who are blind or visually impaired, while consulting businesses and organizations about workplace and digital accessibility. 
 At our Water St. Location in Wichita:
  • Envision Industries – Our manufacturing facility and customer services/sales, employing people who are blind or visually impaired.  
  • Envision Print - Offering full service printing for government and commercial customers, our print services include business card printing, mailing, high quality printing and even braille printing.
  • Envision Xpress – Operates 16 retail stores on U.S. military bases in 11 states, providing office supplies, janitorial supplies and individual equipment and clothing to U.S. military personnel through the AbilityOne program.
  • PRIDE Program – People Reaching for Independence and the Development of Excellence (PRIDE) is designed for adults who are legally blind and have an intellectual developmental disability.
Envision Dallas serves and employs people who are blind or visually impaired in 11 North Texas counties with crucial programs and services.

At Envision Dallas:
  • Manufacturing and Fulfilment – Manufacturing of goods for the U.S. military is our honor and privilege. Our product manufacturing provides opportunities to employ more than 100 Texans who are visually-impaired and blind.
    The Gigi and Carl Allen Family Vision Rehabilitation Center – A clinic that provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary vision rehabilitation containing Esther's Place Model Apartment, an Assistive Technology Lab, occupational training, orientation and mobility training and more. 
  • Envision Interface – Call Center Services specializing in inbound customer service. Our team consists of highly-skilled individuals who are blind or visually impaired. 
  • Envision Dallas Programs – We bring the community together through Bingo, Braille Classes, Serving Our Seniors, Art and more. 
  • Located within Envision Dallas: VisionMAX by Dr. Carolyn Carman – A low vision clinic with Comprehensive Low Vision Care, Brain-Injury (Neuro) Visual Care Advanced, Technology-Focused Care and Special Needs Vision Care.

We all work together to focus on the same mission:

To improve the quality of life and provide inspiration and opportunity for people who are blind or visually impaired through employment, outreach, rehabilitation, education and research.

In everything we do, we put people first.

Please contact us at info@envisionus.com for any additional questions. 

Ray Oddis, Envision orientation and mobility specialist, is guiding Wichita Vice Mayor around with a white cane while blindfolded
Group of customer service employees at Envision in Wichita standing together for a photo
Large group of young adults standing in front of the envision arts gallery
Envision manufacturing employee Kelly Leonard leaning on a pile of boxes and smiling on the manufacturing floor