Envision Child Development Center Playground Gets New Remodel

Envision Child Development Center Playground Gets New Remodel

By Beth Walker • Jun 16, 2023
A wide shot of the new ECDC playground.

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The Envision Child Development Center (ECDC) is an inclusive space where children ages 0-5 who are blind or visually impaired and children who are sighted can learn and grow together. The remodel of the ECDC playground has allowed for even more inclusivity for children of all abilities. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant turf was added, which will now make white cane navigation and utilization easier, as well as cause less noise interference for children who have hearing aids. The new turf also has different textures for the purpose of helping children that are struggling with sensory sensitivity through autism or cerebral palsy.  

Two large textured ADA compliant pieces of equipment for students ages 0-5 were added to the playground as well, which makes it developmentally appropriate for all children in this age range of 0-5 to work on their motor skills safely and confidently. 

A reception was held recently to celebrate the new renovations completed on our playground, and commemorate our donors and parters. This remodel would not have been possible without their support, and Envision is grateful for their generosity.  

To learn more about ECDC, click here for more information. 

Images from the playground donor reception.
Sam Hudson and his wife smiling, standing on the playground, both holding punch in their hands.
Teresa Houston, ECDC Director, talking to a donor and her child who attends ECDC.
A group of 7 people in a circle talking, standing on the ECDC playground.
Noreen Carrocci, VP of Envision Foundation and Sam Hudson a donor, both looking at one of the pieces on the playground.
A close shot of an interactive toy on the new playground allowing children to match colors.
A wide image of the playground, showing the tactile staircase.
A wide shot image of the new playground.
A side view of the playground that shows the built in slides.