Envision Arts Gallery and Downtown Wichita Hold Opening Reception for New Community Art Piece

Envision Arts Gallery and Downtown Wichita Hold Opening Reception for New Community Art Piece

By Beth Walker • Nov 27, 2023
Two men writing in chalk on the fingerprint design.

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November held a special celebration and opening reception for Envision Your Impression, a new interactive public art sculpture located in Gallery Alley, Wichita that includes artwork from 18 community organizations, including a piece from Envision P.R.I.D.E. and the Envision Arts Program. The sculpture, shaped like a thumbprint, embodies the “fingerprint” of Wichita; representing that whether someone has lived in Wichita their whole life, relocated here or just passed through, everyone makes an impression on our community.

The creation of Envision Your Impression is due to a long-standing partnership with Downtown Wichita. Envision and Downtown Wichita have a long-standing partnership. When Gallery Alley in Wichita was established as a permanent public space, Downtown Wichita partnered with Envision and received an additional grant from the Knight Foundation Fund at the Wichita Foundation to further enhance the space by creating a destination for inter-sensory art experiences. Gallery Alley currently includes work from a blind artist, 
Tomiyo Tajiri with the Envision Arts Program, and now has Envision Your Impression installed on one of its walls. 

The opening reception kicked off with remarks from Sarah Kephart, Dale Small, Envision Arts Gallery Coordinator, and Jason Gregory, Executive Vice President of Downtown Wichita. A special thanks were also given to GoCreate and Eby Construction for their help in putting the piece together and placing it on the wall.

Many people were in attendance including staff from the community organizations involved in the project, community members, family, friends and supporters of Envision’s mission. Attendees were able to interact with the sculpture by writing in chalk on blank spaces within the art and were able to experience the tactile art that is included.  

Envision Your Impression is the result of what happens when our community works together,” said Small. “Each line of this interactive sculpture tells a story and is a testament to our diverse connections and shared purpose for creating a better community. It's a celebration of individuality, while showcasing the power in our collective identity. I believe that projects like Envision Your Impression go beyond art. It feels alive. It is our community's pulse. And I know it’s only the start of how we can continue to create a brighter future together.”

Envision Your Impression is permanently installed in Gallery Alley and is free and open to the public to view and interact with.  

To learn more about Envision Your Impression and the community organizations involved, visit this link.  

To learn more about the Envision Arts Gallery, visit this link.
A lady pointing and smiling in front of the fingerprint,
Sarah, Dale and Jason speaking to the crowd.
A girl writing in chalk on the fingerprint.