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By Envision Marketing • Mar 21, 2017
View of painting art gallery from Envision artists at the Aloft hotel

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The new Aloft Wichita Northeast Hotel has officially opened with artwork created by Envision artists hung prominently in the lobby and pre-event spaces. The display not only provides an invaluable opportunity for people around the country and world to be amazed by what people of all abilities can accomplish, it also provides an avenue for hotel guests to support the artists’ journeys through the purchase of their artwork.

If you are interested in joining the Envision Arts Program that is open to individuals from birth through adulthood with vision loss, contact Sarah Kephart, programs@envisionus.com, 316-440-1534.

Get to know the artists and the art programs Envision offers: 

Christina Kester
Dana Smith
Denae Adwell 
Estin Talavera
Fabian (PRIDE Program) 
Jonathan (PRIDE Program)  
Lauren Bush
Madison Kester
Mark (PRIDE Program)
Melissa Aultman
Nick Wooding
Roshunda Holt
Savannah (PRIDE Program)
Sherry Worth
Susan Lane
Tyler M.
Adult Art Program
ECDC Art Program
Youth Art Program