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Elevating Partnerships at Envision Xpress Peterson Space Force Base

By Beth Walker • Jun 26, 2024
The new vehicle wrap on an xpress truck.

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Envision Xpress, a facet of Envision, operates 16 retail stores on U.S. military bases across 10 states, providing a variety of products for military customers, many of which are manufactured by Envision employees who are blind or visually impaired. At the Envision Xpress Peterson Space Force Base, a long-term partnership with Massif has led to a newly wrapped vehicle featuring logos and slogans that represent both Envision Xpress and Massif’s dedication to serving its military customers. 

Massif, founded in 1999, has become synonymous with innovation in military gear. The company's expertise in developing flame-resistant materials that do not sacrifice comfort or performance makes it an invaluable ally for organizations like Envision Xpress, who has sold Massif products at their stores for the last 15 years.  

A representative for Massif, Garrett Podesta, says that this new vehicle wrap will help further support the logistical and operational needs of the military communities that both Massif and Envision Xpress serve. “This initiative with Envision Xpress at their Peterson Space Force Base highlights our commitment to not only delivering high-quality gear but also to enhancing the effectiveness of our partners’ operations,” said Podesta. “We are proud to support Envision Xpress in their mission to equip the Space Force community with the best possible resources.” 

Justin Morgan, Director of Retail Operations for Envision Xpress, shares, “This new vehicle wrap collaboration is an example of how strategic partnerships can enhance service delivery and operational efficiency in military settings and drives home the importance of strong vendor relationships in achieving shared goals. With this newest collaboration, we have further ensured that military personnel at our Peterson Space Force Base are equipped with top-tier gear, and we are proud to continue our partnership with Massif, a trusted supplier and partner in the defense sector.”