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Creative Exploration at the Envision Child Development Center

By Beth Walker • Mar 25, 2024
Sophia with 4H using shaving cream in a science experiment while children watch.

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March at the Envision Child Development Center was filled with exciting adventures! Our preschool class visited the Envision Arts Gallery for a field trip to start off the month. The children were bursting with excitement as they entered the gallery, their eyes widening at the sight of all the colorful and intriguing artworks on display. After taking in the beauty of the artworks, it was time for the students to unleash their own creativity. Armed with colorful tissue paper and glue, the children eagerly set to work on their own interpretation of the iconic Keeper of the Plains statue, as the Envision Arts Gallery is creating a Keeper of the Plains statue in partnership with Cargill. As the field trip ended, the children marveled at the art they created and the memories they made. It was a day filled with inspiration, creativity, and the joy of exploring the world of art.   

The preschool class participated in another fun event when they were joined by Sophia Zurschmiede from 4H to learn about the different aspects of weather! After watching a science experiment involving shaving cream and food coloring to mimic a storm in the sky, the children got to create their own rain sticks with paper towel rolls and rice, each child making their rain stick unique to them. The room was soon filled with the soothing sounds of rain as the children tested out their creations! Since Easter came early this year, the children also participated in an Easter egg hunt! The Envision playground had colorful eggs hidden all around and the children loved darting around to find them all, with their own easter baskets in hand. They also received cute stuffed animals to take home at the end of the day. The children's smiles radiated pure delight, marking a perfect end to a wonderful month! 
A young child at an art table smiling.
A young child at an art table smiling.
A young child making art.