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Corky's Gift

By Envision Marketing • Aug 07, 2015
Corky playing the piano at the cocktail hour of Evening with Envision gala.

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Donald Seibert (known to many as Corky) came to Envision after deciding that he wanted to live more independently. He knew that Envision offered employment opportunities for individuals who are blind or visually impaired, so he moved here to pursue better job opportunities. Corky was eventually hired to work in manufacturing after beginning his career in the PRIDE area. Corky’s job transition is one of many successful transitions that PRIDE has made, and is just one way that Corky is following his dreams. 

Corky is also a talented musician and loves performing for audiences. At three years old, Corky sat down at the piano and began playing. He’s taught himself how to play over nine different instruments, including the accordion, drums and organ and knows over 10,000 songs by memory. You can see him showcase his talent in a 2011 segment of “Good News” with Sierra Scott on youtube (opens in new window)