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Training Designed with Accessibility in Mind 

By Envision Marketing • Dec 07, 2021
Ray Oddis demonstrates assisting a person who is blind or visually impaired to Delta Dental

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Training Designed with Accessibility in Mind 

Envision’s Workforce Innovation Center and Vision Rehabilitation Clinic staff recently joined together to provide training to employees at Delta Dental and WSU Tech. They provided one hour of vital training that addressed topics like accessibility, diversity, equity and inclusion, and orientation and mobility. 

“I recently had the opportunity to participate in Envision’s Accessibility and Sighted Guide Training and can honestly say it was the best use of an afternoon that I can recall. While it certainly pushed me outside of my comfort zone, it opened my mind to how those who are blind or visually impaired might experience the world. Additionally, the training offered practical tools to become an ally of the BVI community, which is invaluable.” - Courtney Sendall, Director, WSU Tech Foundation 

Envision's accessibility specialists are now offering the training to companies and organizations in our community. We'll work with you to develop a unique approach to improving company culture. Blind or visually impaired experts with sighted colleagues will guide you through immersive, team-building exercises in a safe, comfortable and fun setting. 

With just a small-time investment, you'll experience: 

•    Easy steps to incorporate accessibility
•    Interactive sighted guide training
•    Deeper understanding and trust with employees and clients

“Personally speaking, I would recommend Envision’s accessibility and sensitivity training to anyone, in any profession, looking to broaden their perspective and learn how to be more inclusive and aware of the needs of people who are blind or visually impaired.” - Catherine Amburg, Communications Assistant, Delta Dental of Kansas

Is this for you? No matter what industry you are in, everyone is experiencing the effects of an aging population, as well as the importance of a diverse workforce. Make real change and join us in making DEI part of the future of workforce innovation.

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