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A New Room Dedicated to the Sound of Music

By Envision Marketing • Dec 04, 2021
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Envision Wichita’s program team worked hard to find and create a dedicated space for interactive music classes. Music is an important form of art that allows people of all ages to express themselves in a unique and creative way. The newly renovated space is in Envision’s Main Street lower level in the former “Eyes 4 Others” room and has already been used by many groups.

Through our partnership with WSU, Meghan Wald, a graduate student specializing in Special Music Education, is the Cathy G. Hudson Envision Child Development Center (ECDC) music teacher for the 2021-22 school year. The ECDC pre-kindergarten students have enjoyed music class with Meghan on Thursdays while playing instruments and discussing beat and tempo. We’re also honored to have continued leadership from Ada May who teaches our weekly ukulele classes. For more information about the music room and how it can be utilized, contact our program staff at programs@envisonus.com.