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A Heartwarming Graduation at the Envision Child Development Center

By Beth Walker • May 27, 2024
A pre-k student smiles underneath a rainbow balloon arch.

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In May, children attending our Envision Child Development Center (ECDC) celebrated their graduation ceremony! Six children from our T1 classroom are advancing into T2, and eight children in our pre-k class graduated and are moving on to kindergarten. All of the children had the chance to drum and sing for their families in the audience!  

ECDC Director Teresa Houston reflected on the ceremony, describing the experience as bittersweet. “While I always miss the children who move on, I am incredibly proud of the empathetic and understanding individuals they’ve become. I know they won’t be the bullies in life; they will be the friends who support those in need. To all my children, continue to explore the impossible. Be the ones who make a difference in our world. Never stop exploring and trying new things.” 

When asked about her favorite moment of the school year, Houston shared, “Watching parents grow in their ability to advocate for their children has been the most rewarding part. They’re gaining a deeper understanding of inclusivity and frequently discuss with me what’s best for their children. This early advocacy is crucial and sets their children up for success. It also underscores why our ECDC is a leader in child development and why our services at Envision are so vital.” 

We are immensely proud of all our graduates and remain committed to providing an inclusive environment for both blind or visually impaired children and their sighted peers. To learn more about ECDC, click here
Kids playing on the drums.
Two students walking with a teacher.
A girl being given her graduation certificate.