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25 Years of Success at Envision Xpress BSC Store Lemoore

By Holly Herring • Nov 30, 2022
Lemoore staff dressed in star wars costume for Halloween in their store

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Envision Xpress at Lemoore recently celebrated 25 years of proudly serving NAS Lemoore. The Lemoore Base Supply Center (BSC) was the first Envision Xpress location, opening in October 1997. The first Xpress employee, Agustin Maltes, is still working at the store to this day.

The store’s business has evolved with the growth of the base from 12 operational Strike Fighter Squadrons to 16, and is home to the Navy’s largest Master Jet Base. Due to high demand, Envision Xpress Lemoore started selling flight clothing in 2006 and mastered the Hazmat consignment in 2010. Both of which brought a significate increase in sales.

“The Lemoore BSC is successful because of the efforts of the entire group. You do not get to be number one and hold that position year after year by accident.

Denise sets high goals for the store, and every year they beat them. Thank you, Denise, Augie, Carlos, Lorna and Alfredo, for all you do every single day!” - Tonya Dudding, Manager Regional BSC Store Buckley SFB, Envision Xpress
At Envision Xpress Lemoore, customer service has always been their number one priority. They take this phrase to heart: “Treat your customers well and they will continue to support you.” As a result, the team has developed genuine relationships with customers over the years and those who work around them, especially by hosting well-attended events.

They have organized many events outside the standard vendor shows and National Disability Employee Awareness Month (NDEAM) celebrations. For example, they have hosted holiday lunches and military re-enlistments for customers, and a fundraiser for an employee met with unexpected hospital bills.

Their elaborate Halloween costumes and displays are enjoyed by many customers and employees, as well as all of Envision. Last year, they included the Envision Child Development Center in their celebration by sending packages of treats and activities for the kids to enjoy.

“We are proud of all we have accomplished over the years as well as being the First Envision Xpress store! We couldn’t have done it without support of all who work behind the scenes. We know that our success is a shared success. We are always striving to outdo ourselves and grow as a team. Here’s to many more successful years to come for all of Envision Xpress!” – Denise Harris, Manager BSC Store Lemoore, Envision Xpress

Other upcoming Envision Xpress Base Supply Center anniversaries:

•    Fairchild AFB, WA, 11/25/97 – 25 years
•    Buckley AFB, CO, 12/03/03 – 19 years
•    Millington, TN, 12/22/98 – 24 years
•    Offutt AFB, NE, 01/21/99 – 23 years