2021 high school level up conference

June 15-17, 2021

We are going virtual!
In light of our unique situation with COVID-19, our Level Up High School Program for students with vision loss will now be virtual.
Registration remains open through April 30.
More details coming soon!

Excel, Aspire and Achieve

The Level Up High School conference by Envision is designed to prepare students to successfully transition from high school to college and career. We’ll work to develop both assistive technology skills and interview skills that set the stage for their future success. Join us as we create a new variety of leaders—regardless of visual impairment.

About the Level Up High School Conference

By bringing students with vision loss together, this event will help them to CONNECT, ENGAGE and ACT on what they learn; it will set the stage for their success in the world today.

This conference includes:

  • Inspirational Speakers
  • Technology Labs
  • Interactive Image Workshop (not included in virtual format)
  • STEAM Workshops
  • Physical Fitness
  • Success Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • College and Career Expo (not included in virtual format)
  • Evening Experiences (not included in virtual format)
  • Parent Engagement

Ready to Level Up? Space is limited—please fill out the forms below and work with your TSVI to be considered.

High School Packet

Student testimonial

“I feel like I’ve grown as a person, and I was a little more open to talking to new people who have gone through the same life struggles as me. Most of us have been bullied, so I can relate to that.

I was really nervous in the beginning to attend because I’ve had never been away from home for a week. I like that I took the opportunity to come here because I learned a lot about computers, made new friends and got to do fun activities. It really tested my independence, because I stayed in a dorm. I didn’t realize how much I could do independently, but now I know.”


Attended 2017 High School Level Up Conference

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