Envision Everyday store

610 N. Main, Wichita, KS


An incredible range of products to improve quality of life.

Do you have visual impairment? Are you concerned about a friend or family member’s vision loss? Whether you need a mobility device, kitchen gadget, labels for clothing or something else entirely, our wide range of products can dramatically improve quality of life by helping you accomplish the everyday tasks that are vital to your sense of independence.

Vision loss is a growing concern, especially as our population ages. We opened the Envision Everyday store to make sure everyone has access to the very latest adaptive aids, technology and equipment. Explore everything from land phones, alert systems and other electronics to games, white canes, specialized lighting and so much more. Our goal isn’t to sell you a product. Our goal is to give you expert advice on your situation. Have a question about a product or just want to learn more? Come by or give us a call.

We greatly appreciate your business and support through the years. In order to continue to provide the best customer service to our active Envision Vision Rehabilitation Center (EVRC) clinic patients, the Envision Everyday Store is not open to walk-in clients at this time. For more details, view our updated store policies.