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We all come into this world with different talents and skills, and every person deserves to be as independent as possible. People Reaching for Independence and the Development of Excellence (PRIDE) is a program designed for adults who are legally blind and have an intellectual developmental disability. Through PRIDE, we develop individualized programs of specialized services based on a person’s goals and abilities. We want to make everyone as independent as possible while encouraging self-confidence and enriching self-esteem.

Through its dynamic environment and support from caring professionals, PRIDE participants pursue their own goals and interests. They accept paid minimum wage work assignments if they choose and take part in trips to grocery stores, local attractions, special events and more to further develop their life skills.  

PRIDE participants value the time they spend being productive. Envision helps them be successful in their work, which provides an amazing opportunity for participants to earn a paycheck and feel accomplished. 


  • Orientation and mobility training for individuals who need assistance and support with travel.
  • Braille instruction for those with an identified need and and interest in this specialized training.
  • Physical exercise in an on site exercise room as well as personal trainers.
  • Yoga classes with fitness professionals.
  • Art classes with professional instructors once a week. You can either sell your work in our Envision Everyday retail store, or take it home.
  • Life-skills training for daily living in a fully equiped training apartment with adaptive options for vision challenges.
  • Reflections Group offers support in a peer group setting to discuss frustrations and challenges.
  • Community Inclusion is by far our best social training activity. Tons of opportunities are provided on a regular basis and include trips to the Sedgwick County Zoo, Tanganyika, Exploration Place, bowling, shopping, casinos, the Kansas State Fair, baseball games at Lawrence Dumont Stadium, movies, swimming, as well as many other engaging activities.


We need a few good partners. Our PRIDE program is ready to assist you with packaging, kitting and those other time-consuming projects essential to today’s business environment.

PRIDE offers you:

  • Quality work at a reasonable rate. Give us a chance to quote on your next project.
  • Local pick up and delivery of finished goods.
  • The location, tools and manpower to finish the job. We have forklifts for palletized product and wrap machines to ensure the product is securely placed on pallets. Pressured air is available for jobs that might require inflation and shrink wrap machines are available for items that need to be securely sealed.

Here’s a basic list of jobs we’re great at accomplishing:

  • Affixing Prices on product
  • Inflating basketballs, footballs and case packing
  • Building instruction kits
  • Putting together small AC ducts for airplanes
  • Sorting and repackaging socks, shorts and hats in assorted groupings
  • Stuffing envelopes
  • Shrink-wrapping items like CDs and movies
  • Assembling gift baskets during the holidays or for corporate gifts
  • Rolling welding sleeves
  • Box building

We also have many pen products that are assembled here at Envision and available for sale in the state of Kansas. If you have a project that you think will fit our PRIDE program, please contact our Manager of PRIDE at 316-425-7140.