Get Involved

It’s so easy to make a difference.

At Envision, we’ve served thousands over the years with our programs and services. We need to do more for our loved ones, friends and neighbors, however, and the time is now. With your help, we can. Help us extend our reach and meet a growing demand. Help people with vision loss do more than simply live with impairment. Help them thrive in spite of it.

Helping the underserved regardless of ability to pay

We offer our programs and services regardless of a person’s ability to pay, and your gifts not only help offset costs, but also help us reach farther and do more to improve the quality of life for those who are blind or visually impaired and their families. Rest assured that every dollar you give us, every hour you spend serving with us, goes directly into our programs and services.

Become a Volunteer

You don’t have to donate funds to make an impact. The gift of your valuable time is incredibly important. Join our Envision volunteers in helping those who are blind or visually impaired lead healthy, happy, independent lives. Whatever interests you, you’ll find a mentorship opportunity that suits you, from sports to arts to academics.

Get inspired by our Everyday Heroes

We focus on ability, not disability. That’s why we make a point of recognizing and honoring outstanding achievements by people who are advocating for and making a difference for those who are visually impaired. Their stories will amaze you: Read about our Everyday Heroes

Attend an annual fundraising event

We put the fun in fundraising. Every year we host Signature Events that are a blast for everyone involved. We also need individuals just like you to be volunteers and sponsors at these events. 
Learn more about our Signature Events

Make a charitable donation

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we accept a variety of gifts as charitable donations. Explore the type of gift that would suit your needs best:

  • Cash
  • Securities, including stock, bonds, and mutual funds.
  • Personal property (such as coin collections, antique cars, artwork, etc.).
  • Real property, including real estate, homes, business property, farmland and pastures, etc.
  • Trusts, including charitable remainder trusts, unitrusts, lead trusts, family trusts, annuity trusts, etc.
  • Insurance, as long as the Envision Foundation is owner and beneficiary.
  • Bequests, donations made at death directed by a will, trust or designation.

Whatever way you choose to become a part of our world, you’ll make a positive impact on the lives of others as well as your own. Make a donation today


Dillons Grocery Store

Dillons Community Rewards

Did you know that Dillons will donate 5% of a customer’s purchase to the charitable organization of their choice through the Dillons Community Rewards program? If you shop at Dillons Grocery Stores and have a Dillons Reward card, you can register Envision as your charity of choice!


  1. Register  your Dillons card and sign up for the Community Rewards program at
  2. Click “View All Organizations” and select Envision Foundation.
  3. Shop away!

Every time you use your Dillons card, Envision receives a donation!


Amazon Smile


Amazon makes it easy for anyone to make a difference with their AmazonSmile program. You’ll find the exact same prices and products that are listed on with the added bonus of knowing that you’re helping an non-profit of your choice. In fact, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Envision.

To participate:

  1. Go to
  2. Under “Your Account” menu, go to “Change your Charity” where you can choose which organization to support
  3. Search and select Envision Foundation as your charity of choice

Every little bit counts. And thanks to your donation, we’ll continue to support programs that benefit individuals of all abilities and skills.