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Envision, Inc.

610 N. Main St. Wichita, KS 67203

Envision Industries/Xpress

2301 S. Water St. Wichita, KS 67203

Envision Dallas

4306 Capitol Avenue Dallas, TX 75204

Envision Executive Team

Michael Monteferrante

President and CEO Michael.Monteferrante@envisionus.com

Buddy Sell

Senior Vice President of manufacturing and BSC Operations Buddy.Sell@envisionus.com

Mark Eaton

Chief Financial Officer Mark.Eaton@envisionus.com

Heather Hogan

Senior Vice President Foundation and Mission Services Heather.Hogan@envisionus.com

David Stupay

Executive Director, Envision Dallas David.Stupay@envisionus.com

Envision, Inc. Board of Directors

Sam Williams


Greg Klenda


Randy Summers


Bert Denny

Moji Rosson

Joseph Sullivan, OD, FCOVD

Bob Ring

Carla Powers, CPA

Michael Monteferrante

Jeff Ronen

Jeff MacDowell

Linda A. Lam, MD, MBA