Help us serve an at-risk community

The onset of COVID-19 has created significant challenges for the thousands of blind or visually impaired (BVI) clients of Envision. Many have other health-related concerns in addition to the visual disability that impacts them daily.

Given the overwhelming health concerns of the people we serve, combined with the unprecedented national unemployment rate, this health crisis has magnified the risk to this population. We need your help to support this community.

Unprecedented times call for innovation and action

It is not business as usual for Envision. While our doors remain open and we continue to provide much-needed products to the government and military, our approach to delivering programs and services has changed dramatically. We need your support so that we can deploy a broader and enhanced program to our clients and other individuals who are seeking BVI resources.

Here are a few ways we’re enhancing our programs improve the physical, emotional, and mental health of our clients and how we’re creating opportunities to provide economic stability:

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Provide tele-services programming and rehabilitation, including help desk services through our behavioral health team.

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Research, evaluate, and provide reliable assistive and technological tools, including direct intervention through our Accessible Products Hotline, to overcome isolation and increase access to the outside world.

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Distribute consistent, accessible communications through social media, web platforms, email and other digital communications tools that highlight national updates on how to stay safe and healthy.

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Distribute in-home art kits and creative packages and offer online classes via social media and web platforms.