Programs & Support Groups

Through interaction, we learn and excel.

If you’re someone who is blind or visually impaired, or if you help care for someone who is, we have a club or program that can make a huge difference in your life. Through our Envision Inspiration programs, we aim to provide not only activities and assistance, but to act as a pillar of support. Envision is a place of encouragement and inspiration where people who are blind, low vision or sighted can join together, learn from one another and have a lot of fun in the process. If you’re interested in learning more about Envision’s outreach programs, please contact our programs director at or call 316-440-1500.

Youth Clubs

Children learn best from their peers, as well as through play and simple social interaction. Often, kids with vision loss feel isolated form their schoolmates, so Envision launched social clubs for children. We have a Kids Club for children ages 3-12 and a Teens Club for teenagers ages 13-21. Our support group meetings assist children and their caretakers to adjust to vision loss, helping them remain independent in their homes, schools and communities. Groups also participate in fun activies such as bowling, dances and more,  which let them participate in typical childhood experiences wich friends and peers who face similar challenges as themselves. 

Arts Program

For those who are blind or visually impaired, art provides a tangible way to “map out” a sense of the world. Creative expression is cultivated from within, builds confidence and increases self-concept while enriching hearts and minds. Our inspirational environment serves the creative needs of all ages of individuals who are blind, visually impaired or multi-disabled. Classes are available during the day and after school as well as special weekend workshops and events, and classes run year-round. We include ceramics, sculpture, woodworking, pottery, textiles, mixed media, drawing and much more. Plus, artists can sell their work through our retail store, Envision Everyday. Part of the proceeds return to fund our Arts Program, and the artist keeps the rest.

Homework Club

To help students be successful in school, we offer time and resources to help individuals who are visually impaired get one-on-one help outside of the classroom. Students with vision impairments can study and complete school assignments with the help of volunteer mentors and assistive technology.

Adult and Senior Programs

Learning definitely doesn’t end as you age. Our regular meetings help adults get more information as it relates to their needs in a social setting. Our programs often include discussing and addressing mobility issues and independence, listening to motivational speakers, discussing books and more.

Golf Program

Tee up and attend our summer golf clinic for youth and adults who are blind or visually impaired. We’ll match you up with a golf mentor to learn the basic skills of golf. You’ll walk away with a boost in confidence, a glow from physical activity and new friendships. You might even shave a few points off your game.

Assistive Technology Camps

For over ten years, Envision’s Assistive Technology Camps have provided students a head start in their careers. The camps started as a way to build technical literacy among students, but have evolved to mean so much more to their participants. The program includes a middle school camp, a high school camp and a career placement program. Each year, students are nominated by Kansas Teachers of the Visually Impaired and are selected to participate in Envision’s AT Camp. Following individualized assessments and introductory computer instruction using assistive technology, the students attend sessions to help develop life skills and job search and interview skills, and make excursions to community businesses. Motivational and inspirational presentations are offered throughout the week to imbue camp attendees with the confidence and drive to put what they’ve learned to use. 

Eyes 4 Others

This is a very special library for children who are blind or visually impaired. Local teachers, children and community groups give of their time to read and record children’s books onto a digital format. The digital format can then be checked out from our Eyes 4 Others Library. Spreading the joy of reading and reading to others is something that is guaranteed to inspire students who are visually impaired as well as those who love giving back to their community.

Music Program

Music shares an unquestionable kinship with education and development. Our music program includes weekly instruction to the students of the Envision Child Development Center as well as special workshops available to all ages.

Heather'S CAMP

Heather’s Camp is an annual program designed to allow children and teens who are blind or visually impaired to experience the same exhilarating summertime activities as their typically-sighted peers. Campers are from across kansas and the surrounding states and range in age from five to 20, with some of the older participants having attended for more than a decade. There is a one to one ratio of children to counselors, with a total of over 200 camp participants. Operating in a safe environment, guided by trained camp counselors and aided by technology, kids learn that their visual loss or impairment need not be a barrier to achievement. To learn more, visit