• Vision Rehabilitation

    Now she races her sighted peers to the playground. Vision rehabilitation is the reason.

  • Envision Employment

    Now he's a valued member of a vision-integrated team. Envision employment is growing strong.

  • Outreach Programs

    Now he's fearless about the future.
    Outreach programs make the difference.

We are Envision

defy expectations.

Vision loss can create barriers to a full life, but it doesn’t have to. We’ve been pushing past those barriers since 1933, improving quality of life for people who are blind or visually impaired and helping them defy expectations at every turn. That’s what drives us. Find out how we put our mission into practice.

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How Envision Works

A diagram showing how Envision sends donations and proceeds from the sale of our products to help fuel our services and programs.

Employment Opportunities

An integrated community of employees who are blind, sighted or visually impaired, Envision offers growing employment opportunities in manufacturing, sales, child development, administration, retail and many other areas of our organization.

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We started manufacturing high-quality products in 1933 and haven’t stopped since. An AbilityOne agency, we fulfill nearly 30,000 customer orders annually with products ranging from plastic bags to business cards to military protective gear.

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Individuals who are B/VI

Designed to meet the needs of the whole individual at any age or level of vision loss, our comprehensive services and programs encompass everything from vision rehabilitation and therapy to support groups to clubs and activities.

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Research & Education

Our focus on applied research, along with expanded educational opportunities for medical professionals, makes us uniquely capable of closing practice gaps and working toward breakthroughs that will immediately improve quality of life.

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Donors & Volunteers

Whether through funds or personal time, gifts fuel our mission. In fact, we put 100 percent of donations directly into crucial services and programs for people who are blind or visually impaired.

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