Business Development

We’re fueling our future. So go ahead, challenge us. 

Although our roots are in government contracts, we’re actively seeking to expand our customer base and product lines. This growth is key to fueling our mission today and to establish a productive, successful, self-sustainable future.


Explore some of our recent diversifications and developments:

  • The Aquapad™
    In conjunction with GCI, we produce the Aquapad™, an innovative disaster aid product that provides a more efficient alternative to sandbags. It’s easier to deploy, stage and clean up than a typical sandbag for flood mitigation.
  • Pet Products
    We manufacture a diverse line of pet products, including collars and leashes.
  •  Zep Meter Mist
    This timed, intermittent aerosol deodorant dispenser that we produce is available in five scents.
  • Gojo® and Purell®
    Through our partnership with these two major brands, we produce a dispenser system for hand sanitizer systems.

These are just a few of the speciality items we manufacture through our longstanding partnerships. Diversifying our offerings, and stepping up to manufacturing and packaging challenges, creates avenues for additional growth. Challenge us! For more information on product development, please contact