Connor Markwell headshot young adult smiling

Meet Connor Markwell

A lifelong resident of Wichita, Kansas, Connor was born with cataracts, and his parents immediately began to research places that could assist with his visual needs. “It did not take long to find Envision,” says Connor. “They were told about the programs Envision offers for children with vision loss and became very involved.” One of the first programs Connor participated in was the Envision Kids Club. He loved the variety of activities offered each month, from bowling and beep baseball (an internationally recognized adaptive version of baseball) to an interactive car show designed for people with vision loss. Some of his fondest memories, however, are from the campfires at Heather’s Camp, the Envision summer camp he’s attended for more than a decade.

What makes Envision’s outreach programs exceptional? “All the people who volunteer their time and who make the kids feel like they can achieve anything anyone else can do,” says Connor. “Envision has medical professionals, rehabilitators, mobility instructors and teachers who help you to reach your goals,” he says. Connor has achieved some significant goals of his own and continues to push himself forward. He graduated high school, currently works at a major department store and plans to attend Wichita State University in the future, ultimately working in the field of technology or psychology. Meanwhile, he enjoys hanging out with friends and meeting new people through volunteering. “I, along with my parents, feel very blessed to have been able to work with, and still work with, Envision,” Connor says, “and I am very grateful that now, as an adult, I can educate others.”

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