30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Angela Cato - Jul 24, 2020

Tags: Employment

In its relatively short lifespan, this landmark legislation has created a more inclusive America where people with disabilities have equal access to all areas of public life, including employment.

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Trio of employees in Dallas temporarily take on new jobs

Angela Cato

Envision employees go above and beyond to contribute to the organization in whatever way they can

Tags: Dallas, Employment, Manufacturing

Dallas employee motivated by his work

Blake Lindsay

Marion Jackson uses his remaining vision to help fellow employees who are blind or visually impaired in any situation.

Tags: Dallas, Employment, Manufacturing

Sedrick Veal knew Envision was the right place for him

Angela Cato

Sedrick is yet another example of how Envision’s employment initiatives restore meaning in the lives of adults who are blind or visually impaired.

Tags: Employment, Manufacturing, Mobility, Upward

Here’s why 316-252-2500 should be in your phone’s contact list

Angela Cato

As the hotline grows, so will the employment opportunities for individuals who are blind or low vision, which is central to the BVI Workforce Innovation Center’s goals and objectives.

Tags: Employment, Technology

Employees of the Year stand out for their commitment to others

Angela Cato

Daniel Molina, Lester Hawthorne, Matthews Lassai and Trish Chisolm honored in Washington, D.C.

Tags: Employees, Employment, NIB

Sharing our expertise on pressing topics that impact people with visual impairments

Angela Cato

The William L. Hudson BVI Workforce Innovation Center was front and center at three major conferences in February and March.

Tags: Assistive, Conferences, Employment, Technology

Moving Upward

Angela Cato

Paco’s skills, work ethic and positive attitude combined with his knowledge and initiative, are just a few of the characteristics that make him an outstanding employee and a testament to the power of believing in one’s self.

Tags: Employment, Jobs, Mobility, Upward

Paying it Forward

Angela Cato

Envision employees isn't taking his good fortune for granted and is “paying it forward” by handing out free canes to people with vision loss back in his Mexican hometown of Tepetitlan de Morelos.

Tags: Employment, Industies

Corky's Gift

Megan Lovely

Corky is a talented musician who works in Envision's manufacturing division.

Tags: employment, inspiration

Finding Hope

Megan Lovely

Jose Rodriguez is a bag picker in Envision manufacturing. Every day, he comes to work excited to contribute to his family and to Envision, but most of all to have a sense of purpose.

Tags: employment, Envision, manufacturing