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ECDC student's successful journey to kindergarten

Angela Cato - Feb 13, 2020

Tags: Education

ECDC and its mission to help children with vision loss regardless of a family’s ability to pay was a blessing to Jackston and his family.

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Welcoming and accepting environment allowed Lyra to explore her abilities

Angela Cato

Envision programs provide life-changing opportunities to Lyra and many others like her every year.

Tags: Education, Programs

Little Aaron Perez and his mother, Yuritssa, given priceless gift of a happy future

Angela Cato

Yuritssa found the answers she needed two years ago when she enrolled Aaron in the ECDC to receive early intervention services.

Tags: ECDC, Education

ECDC home-based services replaced mother’s tears with feelings of hope

Angela Cato

Home-based services offered by the Envision Child Development Center changed the family's outlook.

Tags: Center, Child, Development, Education, Envision, Services

Envision’s leadership on vision outreach results in greater statewide eye health emphasis

Jennifer Brantley, PhD

Additionally, the Kansas Vision Coalition Task Force is moving forward to create a vision resource website and update current state of Kansas legislation to require eye exams before entering kindergarten.

Tags: Education, Outreach, Public

Level Up staying true to its name and growing ‘beyond measure’

Angela Cato

The momentum that started with the Level Up Middle School Assistive Technology Program in May/June carried through to the Level Up High School Conference, which was held June 26 through July 1 on the campus of Wichita State University.

Tags: Development, Education, Programs, Workforce, Youth

Kansas Vision Coalition Task Force addressing low vision issues

Angela Cato

Kansas Vision Coalition Task Force addressing low vision issues

Tags: Education, Outreach, Public

Envisioning Arts

Sarah Stewart

Arts and the impact it has on children who are blind or visually impaired.

Tags: Art, Education

Tackling College Head On

Charlie Wilks

Charlie Wilks explains how he tackles the challenges of college.

Tags: blind, education, inspiration