Envision AquaPad™

As part of Envision’s efforts to diversify our product offering and provide jobs for even more individuals who are visually impaired, Envision began manufacturing an innovative disaster preparedness product called the Aquapad™.

The Aquapad™ by Envision is a revolutionary water barrier, providing a secure method for protecting property against floods, water heater leaks, broken pipes, overflowing toilets and other liquid emergencies.

Envision Aqua pad Logo

A hydrophilic, non-woven fabric covers four layers of patented superabsorbent polymers and fluff. In less than three minutes, the pad absorbs water to 90% capacity, soaking up floods and leakage to keep damage at bay.

Unlike traditional sandbags, which can weigh up to 50 pounds, the Aquapad™ is light weight – weighing less than a third of a pound each and measures 17”x 22”. When they absorb water, Aquapads™ can weigh between 30 to 40 pounds and soak up to four gallons of liquid.

Two Aquapads Stacked
Water being poured onto an Aqua Pad

Aquapad even works on oil spills and other industrial fluids, which can be costly and time consuming to clean up and put production on hold. Aquapad soaks up these spills in a matter of minutes.

Unlike sandbags or towels, there is no dripping or spills, and it takes only seconds to put them into action. For heavy leaks, floods and oil spills, Aquapads can be stacked to form a protective barrier against further liquid deluge.

To inquire about purchasing Aquapad or adding it to your product mix, contact us at Sales@envisionus.com or call us at 800-685-7959.