Braille Challenge - Wichita Regional

Saturday, February 29

7:30 AM - 3:30 PM @ TBA

The Braille Challenge-Wichita Regional is sponsored by the Kansas State School for the Blind in collaboration with the Braille Institute

The Braille Challenge tests Braille skills in five categories: reading comprehension, Braille spelling, chart and graph reading, proofreading and Braille speed and accuracy. It is an academic competition unlike any other. This two-stage contest is designed to motivate blind students to emphasize their study of Braille, while rewarding their success with fun-filled, but challenging, local and national events. 

Any visually impaired student who reads Braille is eligible to participate in the preliminary challenge contest events. Contests are proctored by volunteer teachers for visually impaired students and scored locally according to our national guidelines by volunteer transcribers. Each contestant receives a Brailled certificate of appreciation and general feedback on their performance, which will be sent to families and educators.

This year, The Braille Challenge will be held at sites throughout the United States and Canada. The preliminary round is open to students of all skills levels. The top-scoring 50 contestants nationally will be invited to the Final Round.


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